Blessed Pavol Gojdic – Saint of the Day – July 17

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Today is Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Bl. Pavol Gojdic Biography

Blessed Pavol Gojdic Profile. Born: July 17 1888 in Slovakia, Europe. Worked in Slovakia. Died: July 17 1960 in Slovak Republic. Feast Day is celebrated on July 17.
The Memorial of Bl. Pavol Gojdic – St. of the Day

Bl. Pavol Gojdic Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death.

Date of Birth July 17 1888
Country of Birth Slovakia in Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Bl.s who were Bishops
Profession Bishop
Place of Work Slovakia
Date of Death July 17 1960
Place of Death prison hospital at Leopoldov, Hlohovec, Slovak Republic
Feast Day July 17
Beatification Pope John Paul II
Canonization N/A
Patron Saint of N/A

Blessed Pavol Gojdic Biography

Blessed Pavol Gojdic, the child of the Greek-Catholic priest Štefan Gojdic and Anna Gerberyová. Gone to grade school at Cigelka, Bardejov and Prešov, completing in 1907. Considered religious philosophy at Prešov, Slovak Republic and afterward Budapest where he sanctified himself and his work to the Sacred Heart. Completing his examinations on 27 August 1911, he was appointed before long. Worked quickly as colleague area priest with his dad. Official of the eparchial theological college, and showed religion in a higher optional school. Directed convention and the files in the diocesan curia. Partner ward priest in Sabinov. Chief of the episcopal office in 1919.

Order of St. Basil

In an unexpected move, he joined the Order of St. Basil the Great at Cernecia Hora on 20 July 1922, making his pledges on 27 January 1923, and taking the name Pavol. Biblical head of Prešov on 14 September 1926; during his establishment he stated, “With the assistance of God I need to be a dad to vagrants, a help for poor people and consoler to the burdened.” His first official act was a peaceful letter on the 1100th commemoration of the introduction of Saint Cyril, missionary to his Pavol’s kin.


Bishop on 7 March 1927; his episcopal adage: God is love, given us a chance to cherish Him! Advanced the profound existence of the ministry and common people. Established new areas, and guaranteed appropriate and legitimate ceremonial festivals. Manufactured halfway houses, established the Greek-Catholic school in Prešov in 1936, and bolstered the productions Messenger of the Gospel and Thy Kingdom Come. Extraordinary commitment to the Real Presence and the Sacred Heart.

Biblical overseer at Mukacevo in Slovakia on 13 April 1939. Because of challenges among Pavol and the neighborhood government, he offered his renunciation from the position. The Pope would not acknowledge it, and rather appointed him private bishop of Prešov on 8 August 1940. On 15 January 1946 he was affirmed in his ward over the Greek-Catholics in the entire of Czecho-Slovakia.


The Church in the locale got a genuine blow due to the Communists in 1948, and their quick battle against the Greek-Catholic Church. Bishop Gojdic would not present the Greek-Catholics to Russian Orthodoxy, or destroy the Church as per Communist philosophy. The administration confined him from the church and the faithful, and all the while attempted to pay off him with offers of help and power in the event that he would part from Rome. “I won’t deny my faith,” he said. “Try not to try and come to me.”

Bl. Pavol Arrest

On 28 April 1950, the Communists prohibited the Greek-Catholic Church. Bishop Pavol was detained, and in a show-preliminary in January 1951, sentenced for conspiracy. Condemned to life without the chance for further appeal and deprived of social liberties, he was moved from jail to jail, always manhandled; accordingly he asked peacefully, and commending the sacrament stealthily. In the absolution of 1953, his sentence was driven to 25 years in jail, which in functional terms was a lifelong incarceration.


At a certain point he was exhorted that he could straight from jail to Prešov, on condition that he become patriarch of the Orthodox church in Czecho-Slovakia; bishop Pavol clarified this would be a transgression against God, a double-crossing of the Holy Father, of his inner voice and of the oppressed faithful. His sentence proceeded, the maltreatment proceeded, and his wellbeing at long last broke; he spent his residual months in the jail medical clinic, and passed on there.

Bishop Pavol was legitimately restored on 27 September 1990, and has after death gotten the Order of T. G. Masaryk – II class, and with the Cross of Pribina – first class, one of the amazing privileges of his local land.

Blessed Pavol Gojdic
Bl. Pavol Gojdic

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