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Blessed Damiano Grassi of Rivoli – Saint of the Day – July 4

Bl. Damiano Grassi of Rivoli Biography

Blessed Damiano Grassi of Rivoli Profile. Born: mid-15th century in Italy, Europe. Worked in Pavia, Italy. Died: July 4, 1515, in Piombino, Italy. Feast Day is celebrated on July 4.


Saint of the Day

Bl. Damiano Grassi of Rivoli Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death.

Date of Birth

mid-15th century

Country of Birth

Italy of Europe

Matrimony/Holy Orders

Blesseds who were Priests



Place of Work

Pavia, Italy.

Date of Death

July 4, 1515

Place of Death

Piombino, Italy

Feast Day

July 4





Patron Saint of



Blessed Damiano Grassi of Rivoli joined the Dominicans after being inspired to martyrdom by Bl. Antonius Neyrot. He graduated from the University of Paris in 1500. Damiano was appointed to the Dominican chapter in Pavia, Italy.

We have little data on him. Though never affirmed by the Holy See. It is said that, struck by the updates on the suffering of Bl. Antonio, he chose to enter the Dominican Order, burning of affliction. He learned at the University of Paris and graduated in 1500. Back in his country, the general section of the request, held in Pavia, named him official of the general investigation of the city. In this oppressive task, he never relinquished the consecrated lecturing. He was common in the region of St. Diminish saint with elective office from 1513. Around the same time he was picked as questioner by Charles III of Savoy. He kicked the bucket in Piombino, while coming back from the general part of Naples, on July 4, 1515.

Blessed Damiano Grassi of Rivoli
Bl. Damiano Grassi of Rivoli