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Blessed Henry of Albano – Saint of the Day – July 4

Bl. Henry of Albano Biography

Blessed Henry of Albano Profile. Born: N/A in France, Europe. Worked in Italy. Died: 1188 A/D in Arras, France. Feast Day is celebrated on July 4.

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Bl. Henry of Albano Biography, Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death.

Date of Birth


Country of Birth

France of Europe

Matrimony/Holy Orders

Blesseds who were Not Married



Place of Work


Date of Death

1188 A/D

Place of Death

Arras, France.

Feast Day

July 4





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Bl. Henry of Albano Biography

Blessed Henry of Albano was a Cistercian abbot first of Hautecombe (1160) and afterward of Clairvaux from 1177 until 1179. Made Cardinal-Bishop of Albano during the Third Lateran Council in 1179.

Henry was a significant figure in the battle against the late twelfth-century developments of Catharism and Waldensianism. Took the main part at III Lateran. He wholeheartedly upheld the utilization of power to stifle sin and solid collusion among common and minister expert in the utilization of power.

Early Life

Bl. Henry was named after his home of Castro Marsiaco, or the Château de Marcy, close Cluny in Burgundy. He joined the order of Cistercian in 1155 or 1156, turning into a priest at Clairvaux. Then sent as to turn into the principal abbot of the little girl place of Hautecombe in the Savoy. His spiritual coach was Bernard of Clairvaux.

The Cathars

In September 1177, Raymond V of Toulouse made a solicitation to the Cistercian General Chapter for a legatine mission to enable him to manage the blasphemy of Catharism which was widespread in his domains. On 13 September 1177, the Cistercian General Chapter chose to send Henry to Languedoc at the leader of an ecclesiastical legation which included Peter of Pavia, Cardinal Priest of S. Crisogono; Jean des Bellesmains, Bishop of Poitiers; Pons d’Arsac, Archbishop of Narbonne; and Gerard, Archbishop of Bourges. Roger of Howden may have went with him, as he is the hotspot for the main record of the mission and he incorporates Henry’s letter abridging their achievements. Then again, he likewise depended vigorously on the letters among Henry and Pietro di San Chrysogono.

During 1178, Henry expelled Roger II of Carcassonne for detaining William of Dourgne, the Bishop of Albi. This demonstration seriously lessened the notoriety of Roger II and presumably expanded the enmity among Roger and Raymond VI. Then again, some advanced researchers have proposed that it might have pushed Roger into a coalition with Alfonso II of Aragon.

Henry experienced Peter Waldo in 1180, removing from him a calling of standard Catholic faith.

Bl. Henry came back to the Langudeoc in 1181 and drove a military assault on Roger’s town of Lavaur, which Roger’s significant other Adelaide promptly gave up to him without giving a fight. Henry at that point proceeded to dismiss Pons d’Arsac from his see for being “futile and disgraceful.” The 1181 undertaking got notice in Gaufred de Vigeois and the Chronicon Clarevallensis other than Roger of Howden’s Chronicon.


In his final days he was offered the ecclesiastical crown (1187), yet he refused it for Gregory VIII. Beginning in 1187 he lectured the Third Crusade and was in Liège in March 1188. He completed a lot to intercede between the pioneers of the Crusade before his passing at Arras, bringing Henry II of England and Philip II of France to accommodate, just as recuperating the break between the Emperor Frederick I and Philip I, Archbishop of Cologne. It was at the Tag Gottes (“God’s Day”) held in Mainz in 1188 that he initiated Frederick to join the Crusade. He was covered at Arras and is viewed as glorified. The Cistercians praise his day on 14 July. Among his enduring works, his letters and his De peregrinante civitate Dei are distributed in the Patrologia Latina.

Blessed Henry of Albano
Bl. Henry of Albano