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The Holy Martyrs of Vietnam – Martyrs of Tonkin – Martyrs of Annam – Martyrs of IndoChina

This is a list of Vietnamese Saints who were murdered in the 19th and the 20th Century because of their faith in Christ Jesus by the Communist Government and fellow countrymen.

These Martyrs were Priests, Nuns, Brothers, Deacons, Lay People, and foreign Missionaries.

Since the government did not care to keep records of the faithfuls it murdered, there is a vast majority of people wo were killed but not documented. They are all collectively known as the Martyrs of Vietnam. In 19 June 1988, Pope John Paul II recognised over a hundred of them and set their memorial to be on 24 November.

This is the list of the over 100 Vietnamese Saints whose Causes we do have

  1. Saint Vinh-Son Duong
  2. Saint Vinh Son Tuong
  3. Saint Vinh Son Nguyen The Diem
  4. Saint Vincent Liem
  5. Saint Vihn Son Do Yen
  6. Saint Valentin Faustino Berri Ochoa
  7. Saint Toma Tran Van Thien
  8. Saint Toma Toan
  9. Saint Toma Nguyen Van De
  10. Saint Toma Khuong
  11. Saint Toma Dinh Viet Du
  12. Saint Toma Dinh Viet Du
  13. Saint Stephano Nguyen Van Vinh
  14. Saint Pierre-François Neron
  15. Saint Pierre Rose Ursule Dumoulin Borie
  16. Saint Philiphe Phan Van Minh
  17. Saint Phero Vu Van Truat
  18. Saint Phero Võ Dang Khoa
  19. Saint Phero Võ Dang Khoa
  20. Saint Phero Truong Van Thi
  21. Saint Phero Truong Van Duong
  22. Saint Phero Thuan
  23. Saint Phero Nguyen Van Tu
  24. Saint Phero Nguyen Van Luu
  25. Saint Phero Nguyen Van Hien
  26. Saint Phero Nguyen Khac Tu
  27. Saint Phero Nguyen Ba Tuan
  28. Saint Phero Le Tuy
  29. Saint Phero Khan
  30. Saint Phero Dung
  31. Saint Phero Doan Van Van
  32. Saint Phero Da
  33. Saint Phaolo Vu Van Duong
  34. Saint Phaolo Pham Khac Khoan
  35. Saint Phaolo Nguyen Van My
  36. Saint Phaolo Nguyen Ngan
  37. Saint Phaolo Le Van Loc
  38. Saint Phaolo Le Bao Tinh
  39. Saint Phaolo Hanh
  40. Saint Phanxico Xavie Ha Trong Mau
  41. Saint Phanxico Xavie Can
  42. Saint Phanxico Do Van Chieu
  43. Saint Pere Josep Almato Ribera Auras
  44. Saint Nicolas Bui Duc The
  45. Saint Nicolas Bui Duc The
  46. Saint Micae Nguyen Huy My
  47. Saint Mattheo Nguyen Van Dac Phuong
  48. Saint Mattheo Le Van Gam
  49. Saint Mateo Alonso de Lecinana
  50. Saint Martino Tho
  51. Saint Martino Ta Duc Thinh
  52. Saint Luca Pham Trong Thìn
  53. Saint Joseph Marchand
  54. Saint Jose Melchor Garcia-Sampedro Suarez
  55. Saint Jose Maria Diaz Sanjurjo
  56. Saint Jose Fernandez de Ventosa
  57. Saint John-Louis Bonnard
  58. Saint John Baptist Con
  59. Saint Jean-Theophane Venard
  60. Saint Jean-Charles Cornay
  61. Saint Jacinto Castaneda Puchasons
  62. Saint Giuse Tuan
  63. Saint Giuse Pham Trong Ta
  64. Saint Giuse Nguyen Duy Khang
  65. Saint Giuse Nguyen Dình Uyen
  66. Saint Giuse Nguyen Dình Nghi
  67. Saint Giuse Hoang Luong Canh
  68. Saint Giuse Dang Van Vien
  69. Saint Gioan Doan Trinh Hoan
  70. Saint Gioan Dat
  71. Saint Gioan Baotixta Dinh Van Thanh
  72. Saint Giacobe Do Mai Nam
  73. Saint François-Isidore Gagelin
  74. Saint François Jaccard
  75. Saint Francis Xavier Can Nguyen
  76. Saint Francis Trung Von Tran
  77. Saint Francesc Gil de Federich de Sans
  78. Saint Etienne-Theodore Cuenot
  79. Saint Emmanuel Nguyen Van Trieu
  80. Saint Emanuele Le Van Phung
  81. Saint Dominic Uy Van Bui
  82. Saint Domingo Henares de Zafra Cubero
  83. Saint Daminh Tuoc
  84. Saint Daminh Trach Doai
  85. Saint Daminh Toai
  86. Saint Daminh Pham Trong Kham
  87. Saint Daminh Ninh
  88. Saint Daminh Nhi
  89. Saint Daminh Nguyen Van Xuyen
  90. Saint Daminh Nguyen Van Hanh
  91. Saint Daminh Nguyen Duc Mao
  92. Saint Daminh Nguyen
  93. Saint Daminh Mau
  94. Saint Daminh Huyen
  95. Saint Daminh Dinh Dat
  96. Saint Daminh Cam
  97. Saint Daminh Bui Van Úy
  98. Saint Clemente Ignacio Delgado Cebrian
  99. Saint Benado Võ Van Due
  100. Saint Augustino Phan Viet Huy
  101. Saint Augustino Nguyen Van Moi
  102. Saint Augustine Schoffler
  103. Saint Augustine Moi Van Nguyen
  104. Saint Anton Nguyen Huu Quynh
  105. Saint Anton Nguyen Dich
  106. Saint Anre Tuong
  107. Saint Anre Tran Van Trong
  108. Saint Anre Tran An Dung
  109. Saint Agnes De
  110. Blessed Andrew the Catechist

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