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St John of Valence – Feast Day: March 21, April 26 – Saint of the Day

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John of Valence Profile. Born: Early 12th Century in France, Europe. Worked in Monk. Died: 1146 AD in France. Feast Day is celebrated on March 21, April 26.
The Memorial of John of Valence – Saint of the Day

John of Valence

Date of Birth Early 12th Century
Country of Birth France of Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Monks
Profession Monk
Place of Work Monk
Date of Death 1146 AD
Place of Death France
Feast Day March 21, April 26
Beatification Beatified by Pope Pius X (cultus confirmed) in 1901
Canonization Canonized by N/A
Patron Saint of

St John of Valence Biography

Blessed John of Valence was born at Canon at Lyons, France. A Pilgrim to Compostela, Spain. He was a Benedictine Cistercian monk at Clairvaux Abbey under Saint Bernard. He established the Cistercian Bonneval Abbey in 1117 AD, and later served as the head of the monks. John later became the Bishop of Valence, France in 1141 AD. He felt so unworthy of the position that he had to be physically carried to the altar to be consecrated.

He fought for his flock not just in matters spiritual but for farmers, merchants and the impoverished who were all ruined by debt during a regional financial crisis.

St John of Valence