Everyone Who Commits Sin is a Slave of Sin – John 8:31-42

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Today is Friday, April 5, 2024

March 20 2024: Bible Verse of the Day – Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent – Everyone Who Commits Sin is a Slave of Sin – John 8:31-42

34 Jesus answered them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin.
35 A slave does not remain in a household forever, but a son always remains. 
36 So if the Son frees you, then you will truly be free. – John 8:31-42

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Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent

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Today’s Bible Verse of the Day Reflections

This passage emphasizes the importance of true discipleship and the freedom that comes from knowing and abiding in the truth.

Jesus tells those who believed in him that if they hold to his teachings, they are truly his disciples. The concept of holding to Jesus’ teachings goes beyond just intellectual assent; it involves a deep commitment and obedience to his words.

Jesus introduces the idea that knowing the truth will set them free. This truth is not merely a set of facts but is embodied in Jesus himself, who is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

True freedom, according to Jesus, comes through a relationship with him and a genuine understanding and acceptance of his teachings.

However, the audience misunderstands Jesus’ words, thinking in terms of physical or political freedom. Jesus clarifies that he is talking about freedom from sin and its enslaving power. He exposes their spiritual bondage, stating that everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

Jesus asserts his divine authority, claiming to be the Son who can set people free. The truth he brings transcends earthly concerns and delivers a profound, spiritual liberation.

Jesus wants to set you free, but do you want to be set free? On an intellectual level, this should be an easy question to answer.

Of course, you want your freedom! Who wouldn’t? But on a practical level, this question is harder to answer.

Practically speaking, many people are very comfortable living in sin. Sin offers a deceptive satisfaction that can be hard to turn away from.

Sin can make you “feel” good in the moment, even though the long-term effects are that it strips your freedom and joy. But so often that momentary “satisfaction” is enough for many people to keep coming back.

So what about you? Do you want to be free to live as a son or daughter of the Most High God? If you answer “Yes” then be prepared for this to be painful, but in a delightful way.

Overcoming sin requires purification. The process of “letting go” of sin requires true sacrifice and commitment.

It requires you to turn to the Lord in absolute trust and abandon. In doing so you experience a sort of death to yourself, to your passions, and to your own selfish will.

This hurts, at least on the level of your fallen human nature. But it’s like a surgery that has the goal of removing cancer or some infection.

The surgery itself may hurt, but it’s the only way to be freed of the malady you have. The Son is the Divine Surgeon and the way He sets you free is through His own suffering and death. Jesus’ Crucifixion and death brought life into the world.

His death destroyed the disease of sin, and our willing acceptance of the remedy of His death means we must let Him destroy the disease of sin within us through His death. It must be “cut out” so to speak and removed by our Lord.

Lent is a time, more than any, in which you must honestly focus on your sin for the reason of identifying those things that keep you bound, so that you can invite the Divine Physician to enter your wounds and heal you.

Do not let Lent go by without honestly examining your conscience thoroughly, and repenting of your sins with all your heart. The Lord wants you to be free!

Desire it yourself and enter the process of purification so that you will be relieved of your heavy burdens.

In our own lives, this passage prompts us to reflect on the nature of our discipleship. Are we merely followers in name, or do we truly hold to Jesus’ teachings?

Do we seek the freedom that comes from knowing and abiding in the truth, recognizing that this truth is found in a deep, personal relationship with Jesus?

Additionally, it challenges us to examine whether we are truly children of God by our love and acceptance of Jesus and his divine authority.

Reflect, today, upon your attitude toward your own personal sins. First, can you humbly admit to your sin? Don’t rationalize them away or blame another.

Face them and accept them as your own. Second, confess your sins. Reflect upon your attitude toward the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

This is the Sacrament of freedom. It is so very easy. Just go in, admit all your sins, express sorrow and be set free.

If you find this difficult then you are trusting your own feelings of fear rather than the truth. Third, rejoice in the freedom that the Son of God offers you.

It’s a gift beyond anything we deserve. Reflect on these three things today and for the rest of Lent, and your Easter will be one of true thanksgiving!

Short Story About Dangers of Being a Slave of Sin

Once upon a time, there was a man named Jacob who lived a carefree life. He believed that he could do whatever he wanted without any repercussions, even if it meant hurting those around him. He lived recklessly, indulging in various sinful activities without a second thought.

Jacob’s sinful ways caught up with him when he started experiencing difficulties in his marriage. His wife couldn’t trust him anymore, and his children grew distant from him.

At work, his colleagues couldn’t stand him because of his rude behavior and the consequences of his actions.

One day, Jacob hit rock bottom, and he realized that he had become a slave of sin. He couldn’t live a normal life because the consequences of his actions always haunted him.

He lost his job, his marriage was on the brink of collapse, and his relationship with his children was at an all-time low.

Jacob felt hopeless, but he knew that he needed to make things right. He turned to God, seeking forgiveness for his sins. He also made amends with those he had hurt, apologizing to his wife, children, and colleagues.

Through the help of his parish priest and the love of his family, Jacob gave his life to Christ. He committed to living a life free of sin and dedicated himself to being a better husband, father, and member of his community.

As Jacob walked on his new path, he noticed that his relationships improved, and he felt a sense of peace and fulfillment he had never experienced before. His wife and children forgave him, and he gained the respect of his colleagues.

From that day on, Jacob understood the true consequences of sin, and he never wanted to go back to his old ways.

He knew that he was redeemed and that his sins were forgiven, but he also understood that he needed to work hard to maintain his newfound freedom.

Jacob’s story is one of redemption from the bondage and slavery of sin, forgiveness, and the power of Christ’s love to transform a life.

Prayer: Lord, I do desire to be set free from all sin so that I may live in the freedom of being Your child. Help me, dear Lord, to face my sin with honesty and openness.

Give me the courage I need to admit my sin in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that I may rejoice in all that You have bestowed upon me through Your suffering and death. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.

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Bible Verse of the Day - Everyone Who Commits Sin is a Slave of Sin - John 8:31-42
Bible Verse of the Day – Everyone Who Commits Sin is a Slave of Sin – John 8:31-42

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