Mary Magdalene and The Other Mary Meets The Risen Christ – Matthew 28:8-15

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Today is Sunday, May 5, 2024

April 1 2024: Bible Verse of the Day – Monday in the Octave of Easter – Mary Magdalene and The Other Mary Meets The Risen Christ – Matthew 28:8-15

8 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went away quickly from the tomb, fearful yet overjoyed, and ran to announce the news to his disciples.
9 And behold, Jesus met them on their way and greeted them. They approached, embraced his feet, and did him homage. – Matthew 28:8-15

Catholic Readings for Today

Monday in the Octave of Easter

Today’s Morning Prayer

Bible Verse of the Day Reflections

The holy women departed feeling both “apprehensive” and “delighted,” which is an intriguing blend of emotions.

Initially, these two sentiments do not appear to be compatible. How can someone be afraid and happy at the same time?

Wouldn’t fear dampen joy? Likewise, wouldn’t joy dispel fear? The answer to this question hinges on the type of “fear” that these women were encountering.

It appears that the fear that these women felt could be attributed to the Gift of the Holy Spirit known as “holy fear.”

This type of fear is not synonymous with being frightened, but instead refers to a profound sense of respect, admiration, and amazement.

It is often described as a feeling of reverence or awe towards God, recognizing His greatness and our own insignificance.

Yes, the Gift of Holy Fear likely allowed these women to grasp the depth and significance of what was happening in that moment.

They would have been filled with a sense of reverence, amazement, and even shock as they realized the profound truth that Jesus had triumphed over death.

Although they may have been confused, their faith would have instilled in them a certainty that something truly remarkable had occurred.

All of these feelings – awe, wonder, confusion, and conviction – would have been mixed with the joy of knowing that Jesus was alive.

Indeed, we can strive to have a similar experience today as we celebrate the second day of the Octave of Easter.

Today marks another celebration of Easter, as we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. This eight-day period, culminating in Divine Mercy Sunday, provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the significance of the resurrection and to experience the same feelings of reverence, amazement, and joy that the holy women experienced on that first Easter morning.

Yes, the next eight days offer us a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the mystery of the Resurrection and to try to experience the same sense of awe and joy that the holy women experienced when they discovered that Jesus had risen from the dead.

This can be a time for us to reflect on what the Resurrection means for us as Christians and to contemplate the transformative power of this event in our lives.

By engaging with the mystery of the Resurrection and opening ourselves up to its transformative power, we can experience the same profound joy and hope that the holy women experienced on that first Easter morning.

Yes, it is essential to recognize and comprehend the magnitude of the gift that the Resurrection represents.

Through His Resurrection, Jesus overcame sin and destroyed the power of death. This is an incredible truth that should fill us with wonder and amazement.

The Resurrection is a testament to the love and mercy of God, who sent His Son to save us from sin and death.

By reflecting on the Resurrection and its significance, we can deepen our faith and understanding of God’s great love for us.

Do you understand Christ’s Resurrection? Not well enough. Yes, it is essential to humbly acknowledge that we may not fully understand the Resurrection and to strive to deepen our understanding of this incredible event.

However, it is not enough to simply know the truth of the Resurrection intellectually; we must also allow the transformative power of this event to change us.

We can do this by opening ourselves up to the Resurrection and allowing it to enter into our souls, inspiring us to live in the light of this new life.

By doing so, we can share in the joy and hope of the Resurrection and allow it to transform us from within.

Yes, the encounter of the holy women with the Risen Christ on their way is a powerful example of how we too should respond to the Resurrection.

Their act of approaching and embracing Jesus’ feet and doing Him homage is a profound expression of love, adoration, and worship.

It demonstrates that their faith was not just a matter of belief, but also of action. As Christians, we too are called to respond to the Resurrection by worshiping and adoring Jesus, recognizing Him as the Son of God and the source of our salvation.

By doing so, we can deepen our relationship with Christ and share in the joy and hope of the Resurrection.

The attempt of the religious leaders to cover up the Resurrection of Jesus reminds us that there will always be opposition to the message of the Gospel.

However, we must remain steadfast in our faith and continue to share the truth of the Gospel with others.

We should not be discouraged by opposition or attempts to silence the message of Christ, but instead rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us in our mission of spreading the Good News to all people.

Just as the Resurrection could not be hidden or silenced, so too the truth of the Gospel will ultimately triumph over all opposition and falsehood.

Let us trust in the Lord and remain faithful in sharing His message of love, hope, and salvation with the world.

Yes, it is important to take time to reflect on the incredible event of the Resurrection and to engage in humble adoration and worship of the Risen Christ.

One way to do this is to physically express our adoration by bowing down in homage before Jesus. This act of humility and surrender can help us to come face to face with the reality of the Resurrection and to open ourselves up to its transformative power in our lives.

We can do this in the quiet of our room, in a church, or any other place where we can feel comfortable expressing our adoration.

As we bow down before the Risen Lord, let us allow Him to enter more deeply into our hearts and transform us from within, filling us with His grace, mercy, and love.

Bible Verse of the Day – Short Story

Once upon a time, in a small village on the outskirts of Jerusalem, there lived a man named Simon. Simon was a devout follower of Jesus Christ and had witnessed firsthand the miracles that he had performed.

Simon had also witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and like many other believers, he was devastated.

However, three days after the crucifixion, there were rumors that Jesus had risen from the dead. Simon was skeptical at first, but then he heard stories from other followers of Jesus who claimed to have seen him. Simon began to feel a sense of hope and decided to investigate these rumors for himself.

Simon set out on a journey to find out the truth about Jesus’ resurrection. Along the way, he encountered many non-believers who tried to dissuade him from his quest.

Some even threatened him with violence, but Simon remained steadfast in his faith and continued on his journey.

When Simon finally arrived in Jerusalem, he found that many of the other followers of Jesus had scattered and were living in fear. But Simon was determined to do homage to the risen Jesus and to proclaim the Gospel, no matter what the cost.

Although Simon did not finally see the risen Christ, he heard about his ascension into heaven and this strengthened his resolve to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.

Simon began to spread the word about Jesus’ resurrection and the hope that it brought to all who believed.

He faced strong opposition from non-believers who accused him of spreading lies and blasphemy. But Simon remained resolute and steadfast in his faith, even in the face of persecution.

Over time, Simon’s message began to spread, and more and more people came to believe in Jesus Christ and his resurrection.

Simon became a leader among the believers, and his unwavering faith and dedication inspired others to stand strong in their own beliefs.

In the end, Simon’s steadfastness in proclaiming the gospel paid off. The non-believers could not deny the truth of Jesus’ resurrection, and many of them eventually came to believe as well.

Simon’s faith had triumphed over all obstacles, and the message of the risen Jesus Christ had spread far and wide.

This story shows the importance of believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and remaining steadfast in the face of opposition.

Simon’s unwavering faith and dedication to the Gospel was instrumental in spreading the message of hope and salvation to others.

It teaches us that we should always hold firm to our beliefs, even when others try to dissuade us or threaten us with harm. And it reminds us that the power of faith can overcome even the strongest opposition.

Prayer: Let us pray with deep faith and trust in the Risen Lord, asking Him to help us enter more fully into the mystery of the Resurrection and to transform our lives through His grace and love.

May we approach Him with adoration and worship, recognizing Him as the source of our salvation and the conqueror of sin and death. Jesus, I love you. Amen.

Bible Verse of the Day in Pictures

Mary Magdalene and The Other Mary Meets The Risen Christ - Matthew 28:8-15 - Bible Verse of the Day
Bible Verse of the Day – Mary Magdalene and The Other Mary Meets The Risen Christ – Matthew 28:8-15

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