Sunday, September 20, 2020

Prayer Against Hypocrisy

Father forgive us for being hypocrites. God, we want to honor you with every word that comes from our mouth and every action we take throughout the day. Holy Spirit, give us contrite hearts. Give us humility to see how far from perfect we are and how badly we need you if we are ever going to live lives that glorify you. Help us to realize when we’re being judgmental of others.

Lord, I am not above you. I am not above the world ruling. I am not the master of all things, nor the creator. But, I am your servant, your child, and your love.

Help me reside in that place. Help me see my need and confess it to you. Help me be quick to look at myself when I am prone to look over to others. Thank you that you have wild and abundant grace for me. It will not cease. It will not end. It will not let me go.

I ask you to restore me in fullness with you. Teach me your ways and help me be receptive to them, so I will not fall. Help me Lord. You rule and I surrender all my ways, thoughts, opinions, perceptions and decisions to you. Amen.

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