Prayer Before Confession

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Today is Saturday, June 8, 2024

Prayer Before Confession holds profound significance as believers prepare to reconcile with God and seek forgiveness for their sins.

It serves as a moment of introspection and humble surrender, inviting divine guidance and illumination.

This prayer creates a sacred space for self-reflection, acknowledging the need for genuine contrition and a sincere desire to amend one’s ways.

It sets the tone for the forthcoming confession, invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit to reveal the true state of the conscience and to grant the grace of heartfelt repentance.

Prayer Before Confession

Holy Spirit, I invoke Your presence and guidance, so that You may illuminate my mind and enable me to recognize all of my sins clearly.

May I not be deceived by self-centeredness or blinded to the true state of my conscience. Stir my will to experience genuine remorse and aid me in making a sincere confession.

Holy Mother of God, I humbly seek your intercession, that I may receive forgiveness for my transgressions.

Prayer Before Confession
Prayer Before Confession

Compassionate and loving Lord Jesus Christ, my sole hope for salvation, please accept my confession. Grant me a profound contrition of soul, so that I may continually seek penance and make amends for my numerous offences.

Savior of the world, benevolent Jesus, who willingly suffered on the Cross to redeem sinners, I, the most wretched of all, beseech you to look upon me with compassion.

Grant me the enlightenment to acknowledge my sins, genuine sorrow for them, and a resolute determination to never repeat them. O gracious Virgin Mary, Immaculate Mother of Jesus, I implore your powerful intercession to obtain these graces from your Divine Son on my behalf.

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