Friday, September 25, 2020

Prayer for Marriage and Family

Lord God, we pray for the institution of marriage and the family which is on the verge of ruin in the world today. The strong waves of the evil one are hitting hard the foundations of marriage and many unions are breaking up very fast.

God, we need You to send down the Holy Spirit so that He can teach us Your values and tenets that can guide us to strengthen our marriages. Inspire us with Your knowledge that it is You who gave us the institution of marriage and that You require us to respect it and remain solidly in it.

Dear God, We know that we are sinners and we sometimes give in to sin and evil temptations that ruin our marriages. Give us the strength and support to resist all temptations that can weaken the foundations of our marriage. May our children grow up in families that are steady and strong so that they can learn Your good values and become productive people in Your vineyard. Amen

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