Psalms 20 – Prayer for Victory in Time of War

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Today is Sunday, June 9, 2024

This Prayer for Victory in times of war and battle is extracted from Psalms 20. It is intended for the fighters and soldiers who have gone to defend their country, property, lands, and rights against their enemies.

May the name of God be invoked every time we are fighting physical, social, religious, and spiritual battles and wars.

Psalms 20 opens with a fervent plea for divine intervention in the midst of conflict, serving as a timeless invocation for strength and triumph during times of war.

This sacred hymn, attributed to King David, captures the essence of a communal prayer seeking God’s favor and protection for warriors heading into battle.

The psalmist articulates a deep trust in the Almighty, invoking blessings upon the leaders and soldiers engaged in the struggle, imploring that God hears their cries and grants them victory.

Rooted in faith, Psalms 20 resonates as a poignant expression of hope and reliance on the divine in the face of adversities, offering solace to those confronted with the challenges of war and emphasizing the enduring power of faith in times of turmoil.

2 The Lord answer you in time of distress; the name of the God of Jacob defend you!

Psalms 20 - Prayer for Victory in Time of War
Psalms 20 – Prayer for Victory in Time of War

3 May He send you help from the sanctuary, from Zion be your support.

4 May he remember your every offering, graciously accept your burnt offering, Selah

5 Grant what is in your heart, fulfill your every plan.

6 May we shout for joy at your victory, raise the banners in the name of our God. The Lord grant your every petition!

7 Now I know the Lord gives victory to his anointed. He will answer him from the holy heavens with a strong arm that brings victory.

8 Some rely on chariots, others on horses, but we on the name of the Lord our God.

9 They collapse and fall, but we stand strong and firm.

10 Lord, grant victory to the king; answer when we call upon you.

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