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Saint Apollinaris the Apologist – Feast Day – January 8

St. Apollinaris the Apologist was born in Turkey, Europe and lived as the bishop of  Phrygia. He died in the late 2nd century and his Feast Day is celebrated on January 8.


The Memorial of St. Apollinaris the Apologist – Saint of the Day

St. Apollinaris the Apologist Biography.

Date of Birth unknown
Country of Birth Turkey in Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Bishops
Profession Bishop
Place of Work Phrygia
Date of Death 175 AD, late 2nd century
Place of Death unknown
Feast Day January 8
Canonization Canonized by Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of Ravenna, Italy

Saint Apollinaris the Apologist’s Life History

Saint Apollinaris the Apologist was the bishop of Heirapolis, Phyrgia. Nothing much is known about him but in Ravenna, in one of two of his churches, exists a mosaic, front and center of the main crypt. It portrays an old man whose skull is shaved with a large halo circling his head, signifying that he is a saint. He is clothed in liturgical vestments showing that he was a bishop and he is saying mass. In the mosaic, twelve lambs symbolizing the faithful look at him from both sides and above the figure are dark stones that spell out the name, SANTUS APOLENARIS.

He was a writer and was said to have highlighted where all the heresies of his time had derived their flaws from and he actively fought against christian persecution.

Apollinaris is referred to as the apologist as he once wrote an “Apologia” for the Christians addressed to Emperor Marcus in around the years 175-178 AD, to request protection from his army,against persecutions from pagans. He pointed out to the Emperor, that his army, The Thundering Legion came out victorious as a result of his christian subjects’ prayers and that they were a benefit to him.

Many accounts portray him as to have passed away as a martyr, others that he was the disciple of St, Peter and others suggest that he was from Antioch.

He was, at one point, removed from the roaster of saints, in the liturgical reforms after the second Vatican council but was later restored in 2002’s edition of the Roman Missile.

He was said to have passed away in the late 2nd century.

Saint Apollinaris the Apologist’s Birth

He was born in Turkey, Europe.

Saint Apollinaris the Apologist’s Death

He died in the late 2nd century, presumably around the year 175 AD.


He was appointed bishop of Phyrgia, Ravenna and his episcopal term lasted for 26 years.


He was canonized pre-congregation.

Venerated in

He is venerated in the Eastern Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches.

Saint Apollinaris the Apologist’s Feast Day

His feast day is celebrated on January 8.

Saint Apollinaris the Apologist is the Patron Saint of

St. Apollinaris the Apologist is the patron saint of Ravenna, Italy.

Saint Apollinaris the Apologist’s Prayer

Prayer to Saint Apollinaris;

Saint Apollinaris, we know little about you except what is most important. You were ordained to participate in the fullness of the priesthood of Christ. You gave witness to the faith that your people remembered and memorialized. May we lead lives that are equally deserving of honor and commemoration. Amen.

Saint Apollinaris the Apologist
.Saint Apollinaris the Apologist

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