Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Saint of the Day for December 30

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on December 30 every year.

Pope Saint Felix I

Saint Anysia of Salonika

Blessed Eugenia Ravasco

Blessed Giovanni Maria Boccardo

Saint Egwin of Worcester

Blessed Margaret Colonna

Saint Ruggero of Canne

Saint Geremarus

Saint Perpetuus of Tours

Saint Perpetuus of Tours also known as Perpet, Perpetue or Perpetuo was related to Saint Eustachius of Tours and Saint Volusianus of Tours .He became bishop of Tours, France for 30 years. He is known to have restored ecclesiastical discipline in his suffragan dioceses to the point that unworthy priests were removed from service. He built churches and monasteries. He died in1490.

Saint Anysius of Thessalonica

Saint Anysius of Thessalonica also known as Anysius of Salonika became the bishop of Thessalonica, Macedonia in 383. He was involved in the political and religious struggles of the time and was the Vicar apostolic of Illyricum. He defended Saint John Chrysostom during that saint’s exile. St Anysius was highly regarded by his peers, Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Ambrose of Milan, Pope Saint Innocent I, and Pope Saint Leo the Great. He died in 410.

Blessed Richard of Wedinghausen

Blessed Richard of Wedinghausen also known as Richard of Arnsberg or Richard of Anglicus was born in early 12 century in Germany. He was a member of the Premonstratensians and became Canon of the Norbertine monastery of Wedinghausen in Arnsberg, Germany. He was a theological writer. He died in 11901190 at the Norbertine monastery of Wedinghausen in Arnsberg, Germany of natural causes.

Blessed Raoul of Vaucelles

Blessed Raoul of Vaucelles also known as Radulphe, Ralph, Raul or Rodulphe was born in England. He was a benedictine Cistercian monk and spiritual student of Saint Bernard at Clairvaux Abbey. Bernard sent him to found and govern a Cistercian abbey of Vaucelles, diocese of Cambrai, France. He died in 1152 of natural causes.

Saint Raynerius of Aquila

Saint Raynerius of Aquila also known as Rainer, Raniero or Rainerius became the bishop of Forconium in modern Aquila, Abruzzi region, Italy. He was noted for his excellent administrative skills, but no details about the man have survived. In 1077, he died of natural causes and was canonized by Pope Honorius III.

Saint Hermes of Moesia

Saint Hermes of Moesia also known as Ermete or Hermas was an exorcist. He is represented in the form of a man on horseback exorcising a devil from a woman holding a rope or a man on horseback exorcising a devil from a woman holding a child. He died in 300 at Moesia(in modern Bulgaria.

Saint Sebastian of Esztergom

Saint Sebastian of Esztergom was a monk and became archbishop of Esztergom, Hungary in 1002. He worked with Saint Stephen to evangelize the Hungarian people. He died in 1036.

Saint Eugene of Milan

Saint Eugene of Milan also known as Eugenius was the bishop of Milan, Italy.

Saint Liberius of Ravenna

Saint Liberius of Ravenna was one of the first bishops of the diocese of Ravenna, Italy. He died in 200 of natural causes.

Martyrs of Alexandria

Martyrs of Alexandria is a group of Christians martyred in the unrest caused by Monophysite heretics. Their names are Appian ,Donatus ,Honorius ,Mansuetu and Severus. They died in 483 at Alexandria, Egypt.


Martyrs of Oia

Martyrs of Oia is a group of Christians martyred together, at an unknown date. Their names are Cletus ,Florentius ,Papinianus ,Paul ,Serenusa and Stephen. They died in Oia, Greece.


Martyrs of Spoleto

Martyrs of Spoleto is a group of Christians martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian .Their names are Exuperantius ,Marcellus ,Sabinus and Venustian. They died in 303 in Spoleto ,Italy.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Elias of Conques
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 30 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 30 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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