Saint Atticus of Constantinople – Feast Day – January 8

Today is Friday, January 27, 2023

St. Atticus of Constantinople was born in Sebaste, Armenia. He was the Archbishop of Constantinople and died on November 5 425 in Constantinople. His Feast Day is celebrated on January 8.


The Memorial of St. Atticus of Constantinople – Saint of the Day

St. Atticus of Constantinople Biography

Date of Birth 4th century
Country of Birth Armenia of Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Bishop
Profession Priest, Archbishop of Constantinople
Place of Work Constantinople
Date of Death November 5 425
Place of Death Constantinople
Feast Day January 8
Canonization Canonized by Pre congregation
Patron Saint of  

Saint Atticus of Constantinople’s Life History

Atticus was born in Sebaste, Armenia. He received his education in his birth place from Macedonian monks and in turn, grew up to embrace monastic life, adopting the orthodox faith, got ordained as a presbyter and grew to develop a good reputation for himself as a force of good. 

He was popular for being one John Chrysostom’s greatest foes as he had a hand in disposing him from his see in Constantinople leading to John’s expulsion on June 10 404 AD. After being succeeded by Arsacius, Atticus took over from the late Arsacius and began to work to win over Chrysostom’s loyal followers.

He faced oppositions from Chrysostom’s schism which was holding open meetings until Chrysostom’s name was given its place on the register of the public prayers of the Church of Constantinople.

He was known to combat repressing heresy in Constantinople and was even acknowledged with the title, “The true successor of Chrysostom”, by Pope Celestine I. He was known to be severe to his foes but later embrace them gently once they came to an understanding.

He was highly regarded for his charity and piety and is venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

He is said to have died on November 5 425 AD.

Saint Atticus of Constantinople’s Birth

He was born in Sebaste, Armenia. 

Saint Atticus of Constantinople’s Death

He died on November 5 425 AD in Constantinople.


He was educated by the Armenian Macedonian monks of his time that lived near his area.


Atticus was appointed Archbishop of Constantinople.


He was canonized pre-congregation.

Venerated in

He is venerated in the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Saint Atticus of Constantinople’s Feast Day

His feast day is celebrated on January 8.

Saint Atticus of Constantinople
St. Atticus of Constantinople

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