St Catherine of Alexandria – Feast Day – November 25 2023

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Today is Saturday, July 13, 2024

St Catherine of Alexandria was also known as Katherine, or Ekaterina.

She was a Christian virgin who was martyred under Roman Emperor Maxentius.

She was born around 287 AD in Alexandria, Egypt. She died as a martyr in 305 AD in Alexandria.

We celebrate her feast day on November 25 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Catherine of Alexandria Biography
Date of Birth 287 AD
Place of Birth Alexandria, Egypt
Place of Work Alexandria, Egypt
Date of Death 305 AD
Place of Death Alexandria, Egypt
Feast Day November 25
Canonization Pre-congregation
Patron Saint of
  • Students
  • Philosophers
  • Unmarried girls
  • Apologists

St Catherine of Alexandria’s Life History

St. Catherine of Alexandria’s life story indicates that she was born in 287 AD to a noble family. She was educated in science and oratory.

She converted to Christianity after receiving a vision. She emerged as a notable figure during the persecution under Roman emperor Maxentius.

At 18, she boldly debated pagan philosophers, converting many who were subsequently martyred. Despite being scourged and imprisoned, her compelling stories drew the empress and the leader of Maxentius’s army to visit her, leading to their conversion and martyrdom.

Maxentius ordered her execution by breaking her using the wheel, but miraculously, she destroyed the wheel by touching it. Catherine was ultimately beheaded, with angels carrying away her body.

Throughout the Middle Ages, St. Catherine gained immense popularity, with numerous chapels and churches dedicated to her across Western Europe.

Regarded as a divine advisor to Saint Joan of Arc, her reputation for wisdom and learning made her the patron saint of various professions, including librarians, teachers, lawyers, and those associated with wisdom.

Despite the embellishments of legend, romance, and poetry, the true historical Catherine likely existed as a noblewoman who, through rhetoric, influenced pagans during persecutions.

St. Catherine died around 305 AD in Alexandria, Egypt, and she is recognized as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

Her patronage extends to apologists, craftsmen working with wheels, archivists, attorneys, dying individuals, educators, girls, knife grinders, librarians, maidens, mechanics, millers, nurses, old maids, philosophers, potters, preachers, scholars, schoolchildren, scribes, secretaries, spinners, stenographers, tanners, theologians, turners, and specific universities and dioceses.

Her representation in art often includes a spiked wheel, symbolizing her martyrdom, and depictions of her engaged in debates with pagan philosophers.

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