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Saint Cyprian of Carthage, Bishop – Feast Day – September 16

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Saint Cyprian of Carthage brief life History

Date of Birth 210 AD
Country of Birth Algeria in Africa
Profession Bishop of Carthage
Place of Work Cathage, Tunisia
Date of Death September 14, 258 AD
Place of Death Carthage, Tunisia
Feast Day 16 September
Beatification By Pre-Congregation
Canonization By Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of

Saint Cyprian of Carthage Short life History

Saint Cyprian of Carthage is also known as

• Thaschus Caecilius Cyprianus
• Thascius Caecilius Cyprian

Born to wealthy pagan parents. Taught rhetoric and literature. Adult convert in 246 AD, taught the faith by Saint Caecilius of Carthage. Ordained in 247 AD. Bishop of Carthage in 249 AD. During the persecution of Decius, beginning in 250 AD, Cyprian lived in hiding, covertly ministering to his flock; his enemies condemned him for being a coward and not standing up for his faith.

As a writer he was second only in importance to Tertullian as a Latin Father of the Church. Friend of Saint Pontius. Involved in the great argument over whether apostates should be readmitted to the Church; Cyprian believed they should, but under stringent conditions. Supported Pope Saint Cornelius against the anti-pope Novatian.

During the persecutions of Valerian he was exiled to Curubis in 257 AD, brought back Carthage, and then martyred in 258 AD. His name is in the Communicantes in the Canon of the Mass.

Today’s Catholic Quote:

At the end of 256 a new persecution of the Christians broke out under Emperor Valerian, and both Pope Stephen I and his successor, Pope Sixtus II, suffered martyrdom in Rome. In Africa Cyprian courageously prepared his people for the expected edict of persecution by his De exhortatione martyrii, and himself set an example when he was brought before the Roman proconsul Aspasius Paternus (August 30, 257). He refused to sacrifice to the pagan deities and firmly professed Christ.

Saint Cyprian of Carthage
Saint Cyprian of Carthage

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