St Cyril of Alexandria – Feast Day – June 27 2023

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Today is Saturday, July 13, 2024

St Cyril of Alexandria was born in 376 AD at Didouseya, Alexandria, Egypt.

He was the Patriarch and Bishop of Alexandria from 412 AD to 444 AD.

He died of natural causes in 444 AD in Alexandria, Egypt.

His feast day is celebrated on June 27 every year in the Catholic Church.

Saint Cyril of Alexandria Biography
St Cyril of Alexandria - Feast Day - June 27
St Cyril of Alexandria – Feast Day – June 27 2023
Date of Birth 376 AD
Place of Birth Didouseya, Alexandria, Egypt
Profession Bishop and Doctor of the Church. He was also a scholarly Archbishop and a prolific writer
Place of Work Alexandria, Egypt
Date of Death 444 AD
Place of Death Alexandria, Egypt
Feast Day June 27
Canonization Pre-congregation
Patron Saint of Alexandria, Egypt

St Cyril of Alexandria Life History

St Cyril of Alexandria was born in 376 AD in Didouseya, Egypt which in modern-day is called El-Mahalla El-Kubra.

Theophilus, Cyril’s uncle was the Patriarch of Alexandria and therefore, Cyril was well educated. He studied formal Christian education, grammar, rhetoric and humanities, theology, and biblical studies.

After his uncle Theophilus died on October 15 412 AD, Cyril was made the Patriarch of Alexandria on October 18 412.

This was a very powerful and influential position that he used to close the Novatianists’ churches and seize their sacred vessels.

Orestes, the Roman state official serving as governor of the diocese of Egypt strongly resisted attempts by Cyril to encroach onto secular matters.

In 415 AD, the tension between Cyril and Orestes increased when Orestes published a new regulation outlining how dancing exhibitions and mime shows would be conducted in the city. These shows attracted very huge crowds and were therefore prone to riots and civil disorder.

This new publication was the genesis of what would lead to a massacre of Christians by the Jews in Alexandria at night.

When morning came Cyril and his followers stormed the city’s synagogues to look for the murderers. He rounded up the perpetrators and banished them out of Alexandria.

Cyril was opposed to preaching by an Antiochian priest who claimed that it was wrong to call Mary the “Mother of God” (Theotokos).

The priest had the support of Nestorius the Archbishop of Constantinople. Nestorius claimed that Mary was neither a “Mother of Man” nor “Mother of God” but the “Mother of Christ”.

To solve the dispute, in 431, Cyril selected Ephesus as the venue where the famous Council of Ephesus would meet to solve the dispute since the residents supported the veneration of Mary. Nestorius refused to attend and consequently, the Council ordered the exile of Nestorius for heresy.

However, other pro-Nestorius bishops came to Ephesus, assembled their own Council, and castigated Cyril for heresy.

They removed him from his position as the Patriarch of Alexandria and claimed he was out there to destroy the Church. Cyril was arrested but escaped to Egypt. He died thereafter in 444 AD.

St Cyril of Alexandria is always noted in the Church history because he strongly fought for the title the “Mother of God” “Theotokos” during the First Council of Ephesus.

Many years later, it was recognized that St Cyril was right, and with him, the Church triumphed.

Saint Cyril of Alexandria Birth

He was born in 376 AD at Didouseya, Alexandria, Egypt.

Saint Cyril of Alexandria Death

He died of natural causes in 444 AD at Alexandria, Egypt and his relics are preserved in Alexandria


Saint Cyril of Alexandria is the patron saint of Alexandria, Egypt


Saint Cyril of Alexandria is represented as

  • A book, pen or scroll, indicative of his work as a writer
  • Blessed Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus

Feast Day

Saint Cyril of Alexandria’s feast day is celebrated on June 27 every year in the Catholic Church


These are some of the writings of St Cyril of Alexandria

  • Third Epistle of Cyril to Nestorius
  • The “Formula of Reunion”, between Cyril and John of Antioch
  • That Christ is One
  • Second Epistle of Cyril to Nestorius
  • Scholia on the incarnation of the Only-Begotten
  • Five tomes against Nestorius
  • Cyrilli Alexandrini liber Thesaurus adversus hereticos a Georgio Trapesuntio traductus
  • Commentary on the Gospel of Luke
  • Commentary on the Gospel of John
  • Becoming Temples of God
  • Against the synousiasts
  • Against Julian the Apostate
  • Against Diodore of Tarsus and Theodore of Mopsuestia

Today’s Catholic Quote:

As two pieces of wax fused together make one so he who receives Holy Communion is so united with Christ that Christ is in him and he is in Christ.

St. Cyril of Alexandria
St. Cyril of Alexandria Quote

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