St Ethelbert of East Anglia – Feast Day – May 20

Today is Saturday, January 28, 2023

St Ethelbert of East Anglia, also known as Aethelbert, Albert or Albright, was the pious and youthful king of East Anglia, England from 779 AD until May 20 794 AD when he was killed after King Offa of Mercia, the father of his bride, ordered so. He had gone to visit his bride at her home. We celebrate her feast day on May 20 every year in the Catholic Church.

The Memorial of St. Ethelbert of East Anglia – Feast Day

St Ethelbert of East Anglia Biography

Date of Birth 8th century AD
Country/Place of Birth East Anglia, England
Profession King of the East Anglia
Place of Work England
Date of Death May 20 794 AD
Place of Death Villa Australis, Mercia, England
Feast Day May 20
Canonization Pre-Congregation

Saint’s Biography

Saint Ethelbert of East Anglia was the son and successor of Aethelred, King of East Anglia. He was very young to ascend the throne, and he preferred religious life.

The prince went to King Offa to Herefordshire to seek the hand of his beautiful daughter Etheldreda. He welcomed him with great respect and hospitality, but the Queen Cynethryth was full of ambitious plans.

She advises the king to kill him as his enemy has been delivered into his hands. So that how Ethelbert was killed by Queen Cynethryth.

Saint Ethelbert of East Anglia
St. Ethelbert of East Anglia

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