St Flora of Cordoba – Feast Day – November 24

Today is Saturday, January 28, 2023

St Flora of Cordoba Profile. Born: Mid 8th Century in Spain, Europe. Worked in Spain. Died: 856 AD in Cordoba, Spain. Feast Day is celebrated on November 24.

St Flora of Cordoba Biography
Date of Birth Mid 8th Century
Country of Birth Spain in Europe
Place of Work Spain
Date of Death 856 AD
Place of Death Cordoba, Spain
Feast Day November 24
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of
  • Abandoned People
  • Betrayal victims
  • Converts
  • Martyrs
  • Single laywomen

St. Flora of Cordoba Biography

Saint Flora of Cordoba was destined to Muslim parents. She and her mom changed over to Christianity – Flora was raised Christian, her sibling Muslim. She was frequently manhandled at home for her confidence.

She took a private pledge of purity and helped Christian detainees. At the point when her folks declared an organized marriage to an Islamic man, Flora and her Christian companion Mary fled, quickly stowing away with the home of Flora’s sister.

The sister, be that as it may, dreaded being blamed for harbouring Christians, and tossed the two out. Her sibling openly deceived her to the Islamic experts. She was detained and scourged, got away, was recovered, and martyred as a major aspect of the abuses of Abderrahman II.

St. Flora of Cordoba
St. Flora of Cordoba

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