St Florinus of Remus – Feast Day – November 17 2023

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Today is Sunday, May 19, 2024

St Florinus of Remus was also referred to as Florinus of Chur, Florin of Matsch or Florian of Vinschgau.

He was a Priest and a confessor of the Faith.

He was born in the late 8th century AD and died in 856 AD in Remus (modern-day Ramosch), Switzerland.

We celebrate his feast day on November 17 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Florinus of Remus Biography
Date of Birth 8th century AD
Profession Priest and a confessor
Place of Work Switzerland
Date of Death 856 AD
Place of Death Remus (Ramosch), Switzerland
Feast Day November 17
Canonization Pre-congregation
Patron Saint of
  • Vinschgau Valley, Italy
  • Diocese of Chur, Switzerland
  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vaduz, Liechtenstein
  • Lower Engadine, Switzerland
  • Val Venosta, Italy

St Florinus of Remus Life History

According to legend, St. Florinus of Remus had a Saxon father and a Jewish mother who converted to Christianity.

They met while both were on a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy, got married, and settled in the Val Venosta region of the Italian Tyrol.

He received his education from Father Alexander at the parish of Saint Peter in Remüs, which is now modern-day Ramosch, Switzerland.

Previous ministers at this parish included Saint Othmar of Saint Gall. He was ordained in Unterengadin, Switzerland, and served as the parish priest at Saint Peter’s in Remüs, leading a hermit-like life and caring for the poor.

St. Florinus was renowned as a miracle worker, as he once miraculously transformed water into wine and distributed it to those in need.

He died around 856 AD in Remüs (modern-day Ramosch), Switzerland, and was laid to rest in the graveyard of the parish of Saint Peter in Remüs.

Some of his relics were later enshrined in Koblenz, Germany, in 950 AD, and in Regensburg, Germany. St. Florinus is often symbolically represented in art with a book, a chunk of limestone, or a wine jug, pitcher, bottle, or pot, referencing the miracle of turning water into wine.

He is revered as the patron of the Vinschgau Valley in Italy, the Diocese of Chur in Switzerland, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vaduz in Liechtenstein, Lower Engadine in Switzerland, and Val Venosta in Italy.

St. Florinus of Remüs
St. Florinus of Remüs

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