St Zenobius of Florence – Feast Day – May 25

Today is Thursday, February 2, 2023

St Zenobius of Florence, also known as Zanobi, or Zenobio, was the first bishop of Florence, Italy. He was born in the 4th century AD in Italy and died on May 25 417 AD in Florence, Italy. We celebrate his feast day on May 25 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Zenobius of Florence Biography
St Zenobius of Florence - Feast Day - May 25
Zenobius of Florence – Feast Day – May 25
Date of Birth 4th century AD
Place of Birth Italy
Profession Bishop of Florence, Italy
Place of Work Florence, Italy
Date of Death May 25 417 AD
Place of Death Florence, Italy
Feast Day May 25
Canonization Pre-congregation
Patron Saint of Florence, Italy

St Zenobius of Florence Life History

St Zenobius of Florence was born a pagan but he was baptized as an adult and converted to Christianity. He was ordained as a priest and became a great friend of Saint Ambrose of Milan.

He once worked as the counselor to Pope Saint Damasus I. He became the first bishop of Florence, Italy and worked closely with Saint Eugene of Florence and Saint Crescentius.

He fiercely fought Arianism, was a miracle worker and he is believed to have revived five people from the dead.

Zenobius died on May 25 417 AD and he is the patron saint of Florence, Italy. In art, he is represented as a bishop bringing a child or man back to life and a flowering tree.

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