Saint Fursey of Peronne – Feast Day – January 16

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Saint Fursey of Peronne was born in 597 AD, in modern day Cannacht region. He lived as an Irish Monk. He died in 650 AD, in Mezerolles and was buried in a church in Peronne. His feast day is celebrated on January 16.

The Memorial of Saint Fursey of Peronne – Saint of the Day

Saint Fursey of Peronne Biography

Date of Birth 597 A.D
Country of Birth Ireland of Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Saints who were Priests
Profession Irish Monk
Place of Work Peronne, France
Date of Death 648 A.D
Place of Death Mezerolles, France
Feast Day January 16
Beatification N/A
Canonization Canonized by Pre congregation
Patron Saint of Peronne, France

Saint Fursey of Peronne’s Life History

Fursey, also known as Fursa, Fursy or Furseus, was born in 597 AD, in modern day Cannacht region, as the son of Prince Fintan and Princess Gelges. He was baptized by his uncle St. Brendan, who was the ruler of a monastery in Oirsben Island now Insiqum in Lough Comb.

He received his education from the monks of St. Brendan and was later inducted into the Insiqum monastery, where his spiritual devotion and sanctity grew and became noticeable. Legend has it that. through his prayers, a set of twins, children of a chieftain there, were raised from the dead.

Fursey was said to have lived an ascetic life, therefore gaining admiration from those who desired to be place under his rule as he had built a monastery in Killursa.

It is believed that once, when he was heading to Munster, he was struck by an illness as he neared his father’s home, which put him in a trance from the ninth hour of the day till the cock-crow. It is said that he was experiencing a vision, that revealed to him the state of a man of virtue and the state of a man in sin, the beauty of virtue and the singing of an angelic choir. He had a vision three days later where he was taken to heaven after passing through the fires of hell, having been fought for by a number of demons who wanted his soul. He later had a vision twelve moths later, which lasted a whole day, being instructed on hoe to preach and was prescribed 12 years of apostolic labor.

He later founded a monastery at Rathmat and his brothers joined the community.

During the 630s, he and his brothers, arrived in East Anglia, bearing the relics of St. Meldan and Beoan and were given land in Cnobheresburg by Sigeberht, which upon it, established an abbey. He converted the Picts and the Saxons residing there, to Christianity. It is said that miracles were witnessed during his stay in the monastery and unfortunately he had to flee to Lagny, France, when war threatened to hit East Anglia and left his brother Foillan as the abbot of the monastery.

Fursey was said to have restores the body of the son of Duke Hayson, through prayer. He also cured many families on his way to Meustria and his fame preceded him to Peronne, where he was joyfully received by Erchinoald.

He was offered sited to establish his monastery and he picked Lagny where he built a monastery and three chapels. He proceeded on his journeys before returning to Cnobheresburg to visit his brothers after he had received visions of his death.

Fursey died in 650 AD in Mezerolles and was buried in a Church in Peronne.

Saint Fursey of Peronne’s Birth

Fursey was born in 597 AD, in modern day Cannacht region.

Saint Fursey of Peronne’s Death

He died in 650 AD, in Mezerolles and was buried in a church in Peronne.

Family Background

He lived in a family of three sons, his brothers being Foillan and Ultan, born from Prince Fintan and Princess Gelges. His uncle was St. Brendan.


He received his education from the monks of St. Brendan.


He lived as an Irish Monk.

Saint Fursey of Peronne’s Canonization

He was canonized pre-congregation.

Venerated in

He is venerated in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Saint Fursey of Peronne’s Feast Day

His feast day is celebrated on January 16.


He is attributed with 2 oxen at his feet; beholding a vision of angels; gazing at the flames of Purgatory and Hell.

Saint Fursey of Peronne is the Patron Saint of

He is the patron saint of Peronne, France.

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