Saint of the Day for January 16 2025

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Today is Thursday, April 11, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is January 16 2025.

👉 Pope Saint Marcellus I

Saint Joseph Vaz

Blessed Gonzalo de Amarante

Blessed Giuseppe Antonio Tovini

Saint Fursey of Péronne

Blessed Juana Maria Condesa Lluch

Saint Honoratus of Arles

Saint Berardes of Morocco

Saint Titian of Oderzo

Blessed James of Luino

Saint Sigeberht of East Anglia

Saint Accursies of Morocco

Saint Dana of Leuca

Blessed Louis-Antoine-Rose Ormières Lacase

Saint Peter of Morocco

Saint Otto of Morocco

Blessed Joan of Bagno di Romagna

Saint Henry of Coquet

Blessed Konrad II of Mondsee

Saint James of Tarentaise

Saint Honoratus of Fondi

Saint Honoratus of Fondi was a sixth-century benedictine monk. He was the founder and abbot of the monastery at Fondi, Southern Italy.

Pope Saint Gregory the Great wrote a brief biography of him. He was the patron of Fondi, Italy.

Saint Priscilla of Rome

Saint Priscilla of Rome was married to Manius Acilius Glabrio. She was the mother of Senator Pudens and supported Saint Peter the Apostle in his work in Rome, Italy. Her villa near the Roman catacombs served as Peter’s headquarters.

Saint Dunchaid O’Braoin

Saint Dunchaid O’Braoin was born in Westmeath, Ireland. He became a hermit and abbot of Clonmacnoise, near Westmeath, Ireland in 969.

In his last years, he retired from abbacy to resume the life of a hermit at Armagh, Ireland. He died in 988 AD in Armagh, Ireland of natural causes.

Saint Triverius

Saint Triverius also known as Trivier, Triviero or Troverio was born in Neustria, Gaul in modern France and was known as a spiritual child.

He became Hermit near the monastery of Thérouanne, and then at Dombes at a young age. The French village of Saint Trivier is named for him. He died in 550 AD of natural causes.

Saint Valerius of Sorrento

Saint Valerius of Sorrento was a hermit for many years near Sorrento, Italy. He became the reluctant bishop of Sorrento, chosen by the people of that city due to his wisdom and piety. He died in 453 AD of natural causes. He is the patron of Sorrento, Italy.

Saint Melas of Rhinocolura

Saint Melas of Rhinocolura was the bishop of Rhinocolura on the Mediterranean Sea, near the boundary between Egypt and Palestine. He was imprisoned and tortured by Arian heretics and died in 385 AD.

Saint Leobazio

Saint Leobazio also known as Leobato was a fifth-century monk. He was a spiritual student of Saint Urso and became abbot of Saint Orso Sénevière abbey in Lugdunense, Gaul in modern France.

Saint Liberata of Pavia

Saint Liberata of Pavia was born in Pavia, Italy. She was the sister of Saint Honorata and Saint Ephiphanius of Pavia and was a nun.

Other Saints of the Day for January 16 2025

  • Adjute of Morocco
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is January 16 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is January 16 2025 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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