St Gerard of Brogne – Feast Day – October 3 2023

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Today is Friday, April 5, 2024

St Gerard of Brogne was a Benedictine monk who founded the Brogne Abbey in Belgium.

He was born in 895 AD in Staves, Namur, Belgium, and died on October 3 959 AD in Brogne, Belgium.

We celebrate his feast day on October 3 every year in the Catholic Church.

St Gerard of Brogne is the patron saint of Saint-Gérard, Namur, Belgium.

St Gerard of Brogne Biography
St Gerard of Brogne - Feast Day - October 3
St Gerard of Brogne – Feast Day – October 3 2023
Date of Birth 895 AD
Place of Birth Staves, Namur, Belgium
Profession Benedictine monk
Place of Work Brogne, Belgium
Date of Death October 3 959 AD
Place of Death Brogne, Belgium
Feast Day October 3
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of Saint-Gérard, Namur, Belgium

St Gerard of Brogne Life History

St Gerard of Brogne was hailed from a noble family in Belgium. His father was called Stance and his mother was Plectrude.

Gerard was raised in a military environment. He later became the courtier to the Count of Namur. Later on in life, he was disappointed by court life, and ashamed of the privileged life he was living with his family. He came to realize that he was called to the monastic life.

Gerard found that the monasteries in Belgium were too lax in their discipline and while visiting France in 917 AD on a mission from the Count, he decided the life of the monks of Saint-Denis was right for him.

He gave up worldly life and took vows at the monastery. There Gerard became an example to other monks in following the Rule, and in his devotion to prayer.

His life, and his encouragement of the brothers, helped Saint-Denis to become an example for monasteries throughout Europe.

Gerard was ordained as a priest but wrestled with feelings of inadequacy as a priest. After 11 years in Saint-Denis monastery, the abbot asked Gerard to return to Belgium to form a monastery there.

Back in Belgium, he founded the Brogne Abbey and became the abbot. Gerard soon gained great recognition for his strict observance of the Benedictine Rule.

This led many religious and political leaders to request that he reform monasteries throughout Flanders, Lorraine, and Champagne.

Near the end of his life, Gerard returned to the monastery he built and spent the rest of his life there in solitude and prayer. He died on October 3 959 AD in his abbey. 

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