St Laverius – Feast Day – November 27

Today is Saturday, January 28, 2023

St Laverius also known as Laberio, Laverio, Lavierio, or Laviero Profile. Born: 3rd Century in Italy, Europe. Worked in Italy. Died: November 17 312 in Grumento Nova, Italy. Feast Day is celebrated on November 27.

St Laverius Biography
Date of Birth 3rd Century
Country of Birth Italy in Europe
Place of Work Italy
Date of Death November 17 312
Place of Death Grumento Nova, Italy
Feast Day November 27
Canonization Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of
  • Acerenza, Italy
  • Grumento Nova, Italy
  • Laurignano, Italy
  • Ripacandida, Italy
  • Teggiano, Italy
  • Tito, Italy (since 1465)

Saint Laverius Biography

Saint Laverius was also known as Laverio. He was the son of Achille, Laverius was brought up in an agnostic family.

Filled in as an officer in the royal Roman armed force. A proselyte to Christianity, he started lecturing in the boulevards of Teggiano, Italy.

By request of the regent Agrippa, Laverius was captured, tormented, put in plain view for open maltreatment and scorn, and requested to make penance to agnostic divine beings; he cannot.

He was then tossed to wild creatures in the amphitheatre, yet as opposed to assaulting him, they bowed before him.

He was tossed once more into this phone, however, a heavenly attendant liberated him during the night and requested him to head out to Grumentum (present-day Grumento Nova, Italy).

He touched base on August 15 312 and started promptly to lecture and to sanctify through water changes over. Agrippa sent troopers after him.

Laverius was caught, lashed, and when he would not quit lecturing Christ even while being beaten, he was executed. Saint.

Saint Laverius
St. Laverius

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