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Today is Monday, April 8, 2024

St Leobinus of Chartres Feast Day, Date of Birth, Country of Birth, Profession, Place of Work, Date of Death, Place of Death, Beatification Date, Canonization Date

Leobinus of Chartres, field worker, shepherd, Miracle worker and a healer was born on Unknown in France, Europe. Worked in France. Died: 14 March 558 in Brou, France. Feast Day is celebrated on March 14.
The Feast of St Leobinus of Chartres – Saint of the Day Biography 

St Leobinus, field worker, shepherd, Miracle worker, and a healer Profile

Date of Birth Unknown
Country of Birth France of Europe
Matrimony/Holy Orders Monks who became Saints
Profession field worker, shepherd, Miracle worker, and a healer
Place of Work France
Date of Death 14 March 558
Place of Death Brou, France
Feast Day March 14
Beatification Beatified by N/A
Canonization Canonized by Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of wine merchants
against dropsy
against rheumatism
against edema

St Leobinus of Chartres Biography

St Leobinus was also known as:

  • Lubinus
  • Lubin
  • Lubinius
  • Lumine
  • Leubinus
  • Loubin


St Leobinus of Chartres was born at Poitiers, France. He was the son of a peasant. Leobinus used to do field work and was also a shepherd in his youth. St Leobinus having the thirst for Education, he went to the monastery at Noailles also in France.

Here he used to work for the monks during the day while being taught by them during the night. He used to study till late by candlelight of which annoyed the monks who had to wake up for early prayers. Leobinus took notice of this and put a screen around the candle and continued with his studies.

St leobinus of Chartres was a friend to Saint Carilef. A student of Saint Avitus of Perche, who suggested that the young man join his monastery. He became a monk at Lyon, France.

Renegade soldiers captured Leobinus during the war between the Franks and Burgundians, leobinus was tortured to make him give up the location of the monastery’s treasure. He then told the soldiers nothing, and they left him for dead, thinking they had drowned him. He eventually recovered from it.

Today’s St Leobinus Quote:


St Leobinus of Chartres
St Leobinus of Chartres

St Leobinus Religious life

Leobinus joined Saint Avitus’ community at Le Perche, France. Priest. Abbot at Brou, France. The bishop of Chartres in France. He was a noted reformer. He was a participant at the synod of Orleans in 549 AD, and in Paris in 552 AD.

He was a miracle worker and had the gift of healing, especially of dropsy or edema. Worked with Saint Caletric who gave him his last Communion and succeeded him as bishop. The innkeepers and wine merchants near Charters considered Leobinus their patron.

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