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St Colette of Corbie – Feast Day: March 6 – Saint of the Day

The Memorial of St Colette of Corbie

St Colette of Corbie is the Patron Saint of Women seeking to conceive, expectant mothers and sick children

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St Colette of Corbie brief life History

Date of Birth 13 January 1381
Country of Birth France in Europe
Profession French abbess and the foundress of the Colettine Poor Clares
Place of Work Duchy of Burgundy, France
Date of Death 6 March 1447 (aged 66)
Place of Death Ghent, County of Flanders, Duchy of Burgundy
Feast Day 6 March
Beatification By Pope Clement XII on 23 January 1740
Canonization By Pope Pius VII on 24 May 1807
Patron Saint of Women seeking to conceive, expectant mothers and sick children

St Colette of Corbie Short life History

St Colette of Corbie is also known as
• Coleta
• Colette Boylet
• Collette of Corbie
• Nicholette Boilet
• Nicolette

St Colette of Corbie Biography

St Colette of Corbie was the daughter of a Carpenter. Her parents were nearly 60 at her birth. She became an orphan at the age of 17 and was left in the care of a Benedictine abbot. Colette’s guardian wanted her to marry, but Colette was drawn to religious life.

St Colette of Corbie originally tried to join the Beguines and Benedictines but failed in her calling. Franciscan tertiary. Hermitess. On September 17, 1402, at the age of 21, Colette became an anchoress. walled into a cell whose only opening was a grilled window into a church.

St Colette of Corbie had visions in which she saw Saint Francis of Assisi, ordering her to restore the Rule of Saint Clare to its original seriousness. Colette was struck blind for three days and mute for three more days when she hesitated. These to her were signs that she should take action. 

St Colette of Corbie tried to follow her mission by explaining it but had no success. Realizing she needed more sovereignty behind her words, she walked to Nice, France being barefoot and clothed in a habit of patches, to meet Peter de Luna. Acknowledged by the French as the schismatic Pope Benedict XIII. He professed her a Poor Clare and was so impressed that he made her superioress of all convents of Minoresses that she might reform or found. And a missioner to Franciscan friars and tertiaries.

St Colette of Corbie traveled from convent to convent, meeting opposition, slander, abuse, and was also accused of sorcery. Eventually, she made some development, especially in Savoy. Here her reform gained sympathizers and recruits. The improvement passed to Burgundy in France, Flanders in Belgium and Spain.

St Colette of Corbie was known for her deep devotion to Christ’s Passion with an appreciation and care for animals. She fasted every Friday, meditating on the Passion. After receiving the Holy Communion, Colette would fall into ecstasies for hours. She foretold the date of her own death.

Today’s Catholic Quote:

St Colette helped Saint Vincent Ferrer heal the papal schism. She established seventeen convents. one of the branches of the Poor Clares is still known as the Colettines.

St Colette of Corbie
St Colette of Corbie

St Colette of Corbie Quotes

My eyes, I have filled with Jesus upon Whom I have fixed them at the Elevation of the Host at Holy Mass and I do not wish to replace Him with any other image

St Colette of Corbie Miracles

When traveling to Nice to meet Pope Benedict, St Colette stayed at the home of a friend. His wife was in labor at the time having their third child and was having crucial difficulties with the childbirth hence leaving her in danger of death. St Colette immediately went to the local church to pray for her.
The mother had a successful birth and survived the ordeal. She credited St Colette’s prayers for this. The newborn child was a girl and was named Pierinne, later entered a monastery established by Colette. She would then become Colette’s secretary and biographer.

St Colette of Corbie Saving a Sick Child

After the Pope Authorized St Colette to establish a regimen of strict poverty in the poor Clare monasteries of France, She began with that of Besancon. The Local Populace was suspicious of her reform. With its total reliance them for the sustenance of the monastery. One occurrence helped turn this around.

As claimed by the legend, a local peasant woman went in labour and gave birth to a stillborn child. because of desparation, out of fear for the newborn’s soul, the father took the baby to the local parish priest for its Baptism. Seeing that the baby was already dead, the priest declined to baptize the body. When the man continued to insist, out of frustration, the priest told him to go the nuns, which he did immediately.

When the father arrived at the monastery, Mother Colette was made aware of the man’s situation by the Potress. Her reply was to take off the veil given to her by the pope, when he gave her the habit of the second Order, and told the portress to have the farther wrap the child ‘s body in it and for him to return to the priest . At the time he arrived at the parish church with his small bundle, the child was conscious and crying. The Priest then immediately baptized the child.

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