Saint of the Day for March 4

Today is Tuesday, May 30, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on March 4 every year.

👉 Saint Casimir of Poland

Blessed Giovanni Fausti

Blessed Kolé Shllaku

Blessed Qerim Sadiku

Saint Adrian of Nicomedia

Blessed Daniel Dajani

Blessed Zoltán Lajos Meszlényi

Saint Peter of Pappacarbone

Blessed Placide Viel

Blessed Gjelosh Lulashi

Saint Giovanni Antonio Farina

Blessed Nicholas Horner

Blessed Mother Saint Louis

Blessed Pere Roca Toscas

Blessed Humbert III of Savoy

Blessed Christopher Bales

Saint Appian of Comacchio

Blessed Pedro Ruiz Ortega

Blessed Rupert of Ottobeuren

Saint Adrian of May

Blessed Mieczyslaw Bohatkiewicz

Blessed Wladyslaw Mackowiak

Blessed Stanislaw Pyrtek

Saint Felix of Rhuys

St Felix of Rhuys was born near Quimper, Brittany (part of modern France) and died of natural causes in 1038 AD. He hermit on Ouessant Island, France and a Benedictine monk at St Benoit sur Loire monastery, Fleury-sur-Loire, France. Additionally, he was assigned to restore the great Rhuys abbey which had been founded by St Gildas the Wise and later destroyed by the Normans.

Blessed Alexander Blake

Blessed Alexander Blake was born in England. During his death he was hanged, drawn and quartered on 4 March 1590 AD in Gray’s Inn Lane, London, England. He was a layman, a martyr and also condemned for harboring priests. He was beatified by Pope Pius XI on 15th December 1929 and also there is an additional Memorial on 4th May as one of the Martyrs of England, Scotland and Wales.

Saint Basinus of Trier

St Basinus of Trier, also known as Basino or Basinos, was born in Lorraine, France and died of natural causes in 705 AD. He was a seventh-century benedictine monk, an abbot of St Maximinus monastery in Trier, Germany and a bishop of Trier. In addition, he assisted English missionaries in the area, including St Willibrord of Echternach.

Saint Leonard of Avranches

St Leonard of Avranches died of natural causes in 614 AD. He was known initially for his powerful build, fiery temper, and bullying demeanor. In later life he reformed, took his religion seriously, spent 30 years as bishop of Avranches, France, and was proclaimed a saint by the parishioners in his see.

Saint Philip of Cluain-Bainbh

St Philip of Cluain-Bainbh was also known as Philip of Clocharbainni, Philip of Clogher, Moggrudo, Moggrudonis, Mogrado or Mogrudo. He was a bishop of Cluain-Bainbh, Ireland.

Saint Gaius of Nicomedia

St Gaius of Nicomedia, also known as Caius, was drowned to death in 254 AD at Nicomedia. He was an officer in the Roman emperor’s palace and was martyred with 27 companions.

Saint Owen

St Owen, also known as Ouini or Owin, died of natural causes in 680 AD. He was a steward in the household of St Etheldreda, a monk at Lastingham, England, and then near Lichfield, England and a spiritual student of St Chad.

Saint Arcadius of Cyprus

St Arcadius of Cyprus was a fourth century missionary bishop who evangelized in Cyprus and also a martyr.

Saint Nestor the Martyr

St Nestor the Martyr was a fourth century missionary bishop who evangelized in Cyprus and also a martyr.

Martyrs on the Appian Way

Martyrs on the Appian Way died in 260 AD. They were a group of 900 martyrs buried in the catacombs of St Callistus on the Appian Way, Rome, Italy.

Martyrs of Nicomedia

Martyrs of Nicomedia died in Nicomedia, Bithynia (in modern Turkey). They were a group of 20 Christians murdered together for their faith.

Their names are;

  • Archelaus
  • Cyrillos
  • Photius

Martyrs of the Crimea

Martyrs of the Crimea was a group of 4th century missionary bishops who evangelized in the Crimea and southern Russia, and we martyred for their work.

Their names are;

  • Gapito
  • Eugene
  • Ephrem
  • Elpidius
  • Basil
  • Agathodorus
  • Aetherius

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Fran Mirakaj
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 4 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 4 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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