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St Apollonia of Alexandria – February 9 – Saint of the Day

The Memorial of St Apollonia of Alexandria

St Apollonia of Alexandria is the Patron Saint of

  1. Dentists;
  2. Tooth problems;
  3. Elst, Belgium;
  4. Ariccia, Italy;
  5. Cuccaro Monferrato, Italy

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Apollonia of Alexandria brief life History

Date of Birth 2nd Century AD
Country of Birth Egypt in Africa
Profession Christian leader in Alexandria, Egypt
Place of Work Alexandria, Egypt
Date of Death 249 AD
Place of Death Alexandria, Egypt
Feast Day 9 February
Beatification By Pre-Congregation
Canonization By Pre-Congregation
Patron Saint of Dentists;
Tooth problems;
Elst, Belgium;
Ariccia, Italy;
Cuccaro Monferrato, Italy

Saint Apollonia of Alexandria Short life History

Saint Apollonia of Alexandria is a consecrated virgin and Deaconess. During an anti-Christian uprising in Alexandria, Egypt caused by a pagan prophecy, the mob seized Apollonia as a leader among the local Christians. After her teeth were broken with pincers, she was given the choice of renouncing Christ or being burned alive; she lept onto the fire herself. She is a Martyr.

Today’s St Apollonia of Alexandria Quote:

Apollonia of Alexandria was also known as Apolline of Alexandria

Saint Apollonia of Alexandria

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