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Saint of the Day for March 1

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on March 1 every year.

Saint David of Wales

Saint Albinus of Angers

Saint Leolucas of Corleone

Saint Rudesind

Saint Swithbert

Saint Agnes Cao Guiying

Blessed Christopher of Milan

Pope Saint Felix III

Jared the Patriarch

Blessed Giovanna Maria Bonomo

Blessed Bertrand of Fontaniva

Saint Leo of Rouen

Saint Simplicius of Bourges

Saint Albaud of Toul

Seth the Patriarch

Saint Eudocia of Heliopolis

Saint Albinus of Vercelli

Saint Amandus of Boixe

Saint Ursus of Toul

Blessed Roger Lefort

Saints Constantius and Faustus of Cologne

Blessed Pietro Ernandez

Blessed Aurelia of Wirberg

Blessed Gonzalo de Ubeda

Saint Lupercus

Abbey of Fontenelle – Monks of Fontenelle

Blessed Agapios of Vatopedi

Blessed Agapios of Vatopedi was a 16th-century monk at the Vatopedi monastery. He was a hermit on Mount Athos and was captured by Turkish pirates, sold into slavery where he was chained and put to hard labour. Upon his release, he resumed his religious life first at Vatopedi, and then as a hermit on Mount Athos.

Saints Constantius and Faustus of Cologne

St. Constantius and Faustus of Cologne were two martyrs who died in Rome, Italy, and whose relics were transferred to and enshrined in Cologne, Germany in 1645. Nothing else about them is known.

Blessed Pietro Ernandez

Blessed Pietro Ernandez was a Mercedarian. He had the gift of tongues, which he used to preach to Saracens and convert them to Christianity. He was tortured with hot tongs and martyred for his work. In Almeria, Spain is where he died after been tied to a pole and shot with arrows on the road.

Blessed Aurelia of Wirberg

Blessed Aurelia of Wirberg was born to the nobility in the 12th century in Germany. After the death of her father and brothers, Aurelia inherited the family estates and was besieged by offers of marriage. On the advise of her spiritual teacher, Blessed Otto of Cappenberg, she turned the family castle into a Premonstratensian convent from 1134 to 1148.

Blessed Gonzalo de Ubeda

Blessed Gonzalo de Ubeda was also known as Gonzalo of Granada. He was a priest then the Auxiliary bishop of Granada, Spain. He was also a Mercedarian Commander and moved his house to Granada in 1500AD and build a church and convent there. In Granada, Spain in 1538 he died of natural causes.

Saint Lupercus

St. Lupercus was suspected to have been born in Spain. He was also known as Loubert, Luperc, Lupercio, Lupercius or Luperculus. He was the evangelizing second bishop of Eauze, France, converting many. Dacian the governor martyred him during the pesecutions of Decius. He was highly venerated in Tarbes, France and the old cathedral in Eauze was dedicated to him. He died in the 3rd century.

Saint Monan

St. Monan was a monk at St. Andrew’s abbey and a spiritual student of St. Adrian, bishop of St. Andrew’s. He was a missionary to the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth area in Scotland and a missionary to Fife, Scotland. Danish raiders murdered him in 874 together with a group of Christians in the area of the Firth of Forth, Scotland.

Blessed George Biandrate

Blessed George Biandrate was born in Italy to the nobility, the family of the counts of San Giorgio Canavese. He was noted for his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1483, he died of natural causes and was buried in the parish church of San Giorgio Canavese, Italy.

Saint Domnina of Syria

St. Domnina of Syria was a consecrated virgin who lived in a shed, leaving only to attend Mass. She devoted her life to prayer and caring for travelers. She was also known for keeping her face covered at all times and refusing to look at the faces of others. In 460AD, she died of natural causes.

Saint Antonina of Bithynia

St. Antonina of Bithynia was also known as Antonina of Nicomedia. She was tortured and martyred for refusing to sacrifice to pagan gods. Sewn up in a sack and thrown into a pond to drown, she died in 306AD at Nicaea, Bithynia (modern Turkey).

Saint Abdalong of Marseilles

St. Abdalong of Marseilles was a bishop of Marseilles, France in 716. He and his flock suffered from attacks by Saracens who had been brought in by Duke Mauront to combat the forces of Charles Martel. He died in 738AD.

Saint Siviard

St. Siviard was also known as Siviardus. He was a monk at Saint-Calais Abbey on the River Anisole in France where his father served as an abbot. He also served as an abbot himself, and wrote a biography of St. Calais, the founder of the monastery. He died in 729AD.

Saint Marnock

St. Marnock was born in Ireland. He was also known as Marnan, Marnanus or Marnoc. St. Columba of Iona Abbey was his spiritual teacher. He was a bishop and Kilmarnock in Scotland is named after him. In 625AD, he died at Annandale, Scotland.

Blessed Bonavita of Lugo

Blessed Bonavita of Lugo was a layman blacksmith, wheelwright and locksmith. He was from the Franciscan tertiary and was known for his deep prayer life and charitable works. In 1375, he died of natural cause in Lugo, Italy.

Saint Albin of Embrun

St. Albin of Embrun was a bishop of Embrun, Gaul (modern France) during the 5th to 7th century (The records vary). Much of his time was spent fighting Arianism.

Blessed Claudius Gabriel Faber

Blessed Claudius Gabriel Faber was a minim monk and a prior of his house. He was martyred by heretics and died in 1575 in Lunel, France.

Saint Donatus of Carthage

St. Donatus of Carthage was a martyr who died in 430 in Carthage, North Africa (modern Tunis, Tunisia).

Saint Hermes of Numidia

St. Hermes of Numidia was martyred in the persecution of Maximian Herculeus and died in 290AD.

Saint Bono of Cagliari

St. Bono of Cagliari was also known as Bonus. He was a third-century bishop and a martyr.

Saint Adrian of Numidia

St. Adrian of Numidia was martyred in the persecution of Maximian Herculeus and died in 290AD.

Martyrs of Africa

The martyrs of Africa were a group of 13 Christians executed together for their faith in Africa.

Their names are;

  • Abundantius
  • Adrastus
  • Agapius
  • Charisius
  • Donatilla
  • Donatus
  • Fortunus
  • Leo
  • Nicephorus
  • Polocronius

Martyrs of Antwerp

The Martyrs of Antwerp was a group of Christians who were martyred together. They died in the 2nd century in Rome, Italy and were also buried together in the St. Callistus catacombs in Rome. Their relics were transferred and enshrined together in the Jesuit church in Antwerp, Belgium on 28th February, 1600.

Their names are;

  • Silvius
  • Procopius
  • Primus
  • Pius
  • Pelagius
  • Maximus
  • Justus
  • Julius
  • Herculanus
  • Filemon
  • Fidelis
  • Felician
  • Donatus
  • Benignus

Martyrs of the Salarian Way

The Martyrs Under Alexander was a group of 260 Christians who, for their faith, were condemned to work on the road on the Salarian Way in Rome, Italy during the persecutions of Claudius II. When they were no longer needed for work, they were publicly murdered by been shot with arrows in 269 in Rome, Italy in the amphitheater and died as martyrs.

Martyrs Under Alexander

The Martyrs Under Alexander were a large but unspecified number of Christians martyred in the persecutions of Emperor Alexander Severus and the prefect Ulpian who saw any non-state religion to be a dangerous treason. They died in 219.

Martyrs of Eichstätt

The Martyrs of Eichstätt were four Christians martyred and buried together, whose relics were rediscovered in 1618 and enshrined together in the Jesuit church in Eichstätt, Bavaria, Germany in 1622. They died in Rome, Italy and buried in the Priscilla catacombs on the Via Salaria in Rome.

Their names are;

  • Castus
  • Leontia
  • Livonius
  • Venerius
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 1 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is March 1 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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