Saint of the Day for April 20 2023

Today is Tuesday, June 6, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is April 20 2023.

Saint Agnes of Montepulciano

Saint Marcian of Auxerre

Blessed John Finch

Blessed Richard Sergeant

Saint Caedwalla of Wessex

Blessed Chiara Bosatta

Pope Saint Anicetus

Blessed Hildegun of Schönau

Blessed Gerald of Salles

Blessed Anastazy Jakub Pankiewicz

Saint Marcellinus of Embrun

Blessed Simon Rinalducci

Blessed William Thomson

Blessed Francis Page

Blessed Antony Page

Blessed Oda of Rivreulle

Saint Sara of Antioch

Blessed Maurice Mackenraghty

Blessed James Bell

Saint Hugh of Anzy-le-Duc

Blessed Robert Watkinson

Blessed Michel Coquelet

Saint Vincent of Digne

Saint Domninus of Digne

Saint Theotimus of Tomi

St. Theotimus of Tomi served as a bishop of Scytha or Tomi located near the Black Sea. His pious and virtuous behavior earned him respect from even the Barbarians.

He supported and defended the teachings of Origen against St. Epiphanius of Salamis and carried out evangelical work among the Lower Danube tribes. In the year 407 AD, he died due to natural causes.

Blessed Catwallon

Blessed Catwallon, also called Catuuallon, was a monk and abbot of Redon, born in Brittany, France.

He was the son of Duke Conan I of Brittany and served as an aid to the founders of monasteries throughout the region. From 1019 AD to 1040 AD, he held the position of abbot at Redon.

Blessed John of Grace-Dieu

Blessed John of Grace-Dieu was a monk of the Benedictine Cistercian order at St. Denis monastery. He served as the abbot of Ign, then later as the abbot of Clairvaux in 1257, and the abbot of Grace-Dieu in 1262 AD. He died in 1280 due to natural causes.

Saint Margaret of Amelia

St. Margaret of Amelia, referred to as Margarita, Margherita or Marguerite, was a mystic and a Benedictine abbess at the St. Catherine of Amelia abbey. She died naturally in 1666.

Saint Servilian

St. Servilian was a person who became a Christian after the intercession of St. Flavia Domitilla.

He was put to death in the persecution led by Trajan and lost his life by beheading at the 2nd mile marker on the Via Latina outside Rome, Italy, in 117 AD.

Saint Wiho of Osnabrück

St. Wiho of Osnabrück, whose other names include Viho, Vihone, Vione, Wicho or Wilho, was the initial bishop of Osnabrück, which is located in Saxony, modern Germany. His tenure started in the year 800 AD.

Saint Sulpicius

St. Sulpicius was a convert to Christianity due to the intercession of St. Flavia Domitilla. He also suffered martyrdom and was beheaded at the 2nd mile marker on the Via Latina outside Rome, Italy in 117 AD.

Saint Secundinus of Córdoba

St. Secundinus of Córdoba died as a martyr in Córdoba, Spain.

Saint Sobarthann

There is no available information about St. Sobarthann, except that he was an Irish bishop who was mentioned in the martyrologies of Tallaght, Gorman, and Donegal.

Saint Theodore Trichinas

St. Theodore Trichinas was a hermit who was born in the fourth century in Constantinople, which is now known as Istanbul, Turkey.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Sinach of Inis Clothrainn
  • Helen of Laurino
  • Dominic Vernagalli
  • Anastasius of Antioch
  • Alfonso Oria
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 20 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 20 2023 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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