Saint of the Day for April 4

Today is Thursday, February 2, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on April 4 every year.

👉 Saint Isidore of Seville, Bishop

Saint Plato

Saint Gaetano Catanoso

Saint Benedict the Black

Blessed Giuseppe Benedetto Dusmet

Blessed Ndue Serreqi

Saint Francisco Marto

Blessed Abraham of Strelna

Saint Tigernach of Clogher

Saint Aleth of Dijon

Saint Zosimus of Palestine

Blessed Thomas of Naples

Blessed Thomas of Naples was a mercedarian friar who was well educated and a Biblical scholar. He was sent from the area of Naples, Italy, to France to work against the rise of Protestantism. His preaching was so zealous and effective that he was murdered by Huguenots. They stabbed him to death in 1540 at the Saint Eulalia convent in Montpellier, France. He died a martyr.

Saint Gonval of Scotland

Saint Gonval of Scotland also known as Conval or Conwall born in the late 8th century, was the king of an area of Scotland. He is noted for his personal piety, his promotion of the faith and his refusal to use his civil power to meddle in Church affairs. He was noted for his piety by Saint Columba and mentioned in the ancient Dunkeld Litany. He died in 824 of natural causes.

Saint Theonas of Egypt

Saint Theonas of Egypt was a monk at Theibaid, Egypt and el-Bahnasa, Egypt. He in 395. His representation is a writing near a well with a pitcher and bucket close and assorted wild animals watching from a distance, referring to a story that he watered and cared for wild animals.

Saint Agathopus the Deacon

Saint Agathopus the Deacon also known as Agathopus of Thessalonica , Agathopedes or Agatopodo was a deacon who was martyred with Saint Theodulus during the persecution of Maximinian Herculius, for refusing to surrender holy books. He was drowned in the sea with a stone around his neck in 303 in Thessalonica.

Saint Theodulus the Lector

Saint Theodulus the Lector also known as Theodolus of Thessalonica or Teodulo was a lector. He was martyred with Saint Agathopus for refusing to surrender holy books during the persecutions of Emperor Maximian Herculeus. They drowned him in the sea with a stone around his neck in 303 in Thessalonica.

Saint Peter of Poitiers

Saint Peter of Poitiers was the bishop of Poitiers, France, from 1087 till 1115. He publicly denounced the sacrilegious tyranny and license of King Philip I and William VI, count of Poitiers and duke of Aquitaine. He helped Blessed Robert d’Arbriselle and found the abbey of Fontrevault. He died in 1115 of natural causes.

Saint Gwerir of Liskeard

Saint Gwerir of Liskeard also known as Guier was a ninth century monk and hermit in Liskeard, Cornwall, England. King Alfred is said to have been cured of a serious illness at Gwerir’s grave. After his death, the saint’s monastery cell was next occupied by Saint Neot.

Blessed François de la Terre de Labour

Blessed François de la Terre de Labour also known as François of Cairo was a franciscan Friar Minor who was martyred for trying to bring apostates back to the faith in 1358 in Cairo, Egypt.

Blessed Nicolas of Montecorpino

Blessed Nicolas of Montecorpino also known as Nicolas of Cairo was a franciscan Friar Minor. who was martyred for trying to bring apostates back to the faith. He died in 1358 in Cairo, Egypt.

Saint Hildebert of Ghent

Saint Hildebert of Ghent also known as Emebert was a benedictine monk who was abbot of Saint Peter’s in Ghent was martyred after being killed for his defense of icons in752.

Saint Victor of Barcelona

Saint Victor of Barcelona also known as Vittore was a priest and became bishop of Barcelona, Spain. Martyr.

Saint Henry of Gheest

Saint Henry of Gheest was cistercian monk who died in 1190 of natural causes.

Martyrs of Thessalonica

Martyrs of Thessalonica is a group of fourteen Christians who were martyred together at an unknown date. Their names are Victor ,Successus ,Saturninus ,Quinilianus ,Publius ,Paulus ,Palatinus ,Orbanus ,Matutinus ,Julius ,Julianus and Ingenuus. They died in Thessalonica, Greece.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Pherbutha
  • Merryn
  • Maurus Xaverius Herbst
  • Guglielmo of Noto
  • George Solitarius
  • Conrad of Weissenau
  • Coine of Kilkine
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 4 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 4 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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