Saint of the Day for April 6 2023

Today is Tuesday, June 6, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is April 6 2023.

Martyrs of Hadiab

👉 Saint Brychan of Brycheiniog

Saint Eutychius of Constantinople

Saint William of Eskilsoe

Blessed Maria Karlowska

Blessed Zefirino Agostini

Blessed Catherine of Pallanza

Saint Galla of Rome

Saint Philaret of Calabria

Blessed Pierina Morosini

Blessed Notkar Balbulus

Blessed Michele Rua

Blessed Jan Franciszek Czartoryski

Saint Prudentius of Troyes

Saint Phaolô Lê Bao Tinh

Saint Irenaeus of Sirmium

Blessed Guglielmo of San Romano

Blessed Guglielmo of San Romano was a friar belonging to the Mercedarian order. In 1225, he went with Saint Peter Nolasco to Algiers, and together they freed 219 Christians who had been held captive by Muslims.

During this operation, Guglielmo remained behind as a hostage to ensure the payment of the remaining ransom for those slaves.

He spent the rest of his life in Algiers, preaching the Christian faith to anyone who was willing to hear it.

Saint Berthanc of Kirkwall

Saint Berthanc of Kirkwall, also referred to as Berchan, Bertham, Berthane, or Fer-da-Liethe, was a monk at Iona who later became an abbot in Scotland.

He also served as the bishop of Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. After his death in 840 AD, he was buried at Inishmore, located in Galway Bay, Ireland.

Saint Marcellinus the Martyr

St Marcellinus the Martyr was the brother of Saint Agrarius the Martyr and he held the position of imperial Roman representative in North Africa.

He was killed by the Donatists for opposing the Donatism heresy and died as a martyr in 413 AD in North Africa.

Saint Elstan of Abingdon

St Elstan of Abingdon was a monk at Abingdon Abbey and a close spiritual disciple of Saint Ethelwold. He was recognized for his humility and commitment to fulfilling his duties.

He later became the bishop of Ramsbury, England, and subsequently served as the abbot of Abingdon. Saint Elstan died in 981 AD in Wilton, England.

Saint Agrarius the Martyr

St Agrarius the Martyr was the brother of Saint Marcellinus the Martyr and served as an imperial Roman judge in North Africa.

He was killed by the Donatists for opposing the Donatism heresy and died as a martyr in 413 AD in North Africa.

Saint Gennard

St Gennard received his education at the court of Clotaire III and later became a Benedictine monk at Fontenelle Abbey under the guidance of Saint Wandrille.

He went on to become the abbot of Flay in the diocese of Beauvais, France. In his final years, he retired to Fontenelle, where he lived as a hermit and continued to devote himself to monastic life. Saint Gennard died in 720 AD of natural causes.

Saint Platonides of Ashkelon

St Platonides of Ashkelon was a deaconess who established a convent in Nisibis, Mesopotamia. Along with two other individuals about whom little is known, she was martyred and died in 308 AD in Ashkelon, which is located in modern-day Israel.

Saint Amand of Grisalba

St Amand of Grisalba, also referred to as Amand of Bergamo, Amandus, Amantius, or Amatius, served as the count of Grisalba, located in Bergamo, Italy. He died on April 6 515 due to natural causes.

Saint Ulched

Saint Ulched also known as Ulchad or Ylched was a holy man for whom Llechulched, Anglesey, Wales was named.

Saint Diogenes of Philippi

Saint Diogenes of Philippi died a martyr in 345 in Philippi, Macedonia, Greece.

Saint Winebald

Saint Winebald also known as Vinebaud was a monk and then abbot at Saint-Loup-de-Troyes, France. He died in 650.

Saint Timothy of Philippi

Saint Timothy of Philippi was a martyr who died in 345 in Philippi, Macedonia, Greece

Saint Urban of Peñalba

Saint Urban of Peñalba was the abbot of Peñalba Abbey near Astorga, Spain. He died in 940.

Martyrs of Sirmium

The Martyrs of Sirmium were a group of individuals who were martyred in the fourth century in Sirmium, which is now known as Sremska Mitrovica, located in Pannonia, Serbia.

The names of these martyrs are Florentius, Geminianus, Moderata, Romana, Rufina, Saturus, and Secundus.

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

The Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War refer to the thousands of individuals who were murdered between 1934 and 1939 during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War.

Enric Gispert Domenech and Josep Gomis Martorell are among the many individuals who lost their lives during this period.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Cronan Beg of Clonmacnoise
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 6 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 6 2023 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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