Saint of the Day for April 7 2023

Today is Sunday, June 4, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is April 7 2023.

👉 Saint John Baptist de La Salle

Blessed Mary Assunta

Blessed Herman Joseph

Blessed Ursuline of Parma

Saint Henry Walpole

Blessed Edward Oldcorne

Saint Albert of Tournai

Blessed Ralph Ashley

Saint George the Younger

Saint Hegesippus of Jerusalem

Blessed Alexander Rawlins

Saint Brenach of Carn-Engyle

Saint Phêrô Nguyen Van Luu

Saint Finian of Kinnitty

Saint Gibardus of Luxeuil

St Gibardus of Luxeuil was a member of the Benedictine order who rose to the position of abbot at Luxeuil Abbey.

During a Hun invasion, he attempted to lead his fellow monks in an escape, but they were ultimately captured by the Huns and all of them were killed as martyrs in 888 AD.

Blessed Cristoforo Amerio

Blessed Cristoforo Amerio, who was initially a Mercedarian friar, later achieved the rank of cardinal. He died of natural causes in the year 1425.

Saint Calliopius of Pompeiopolis

St Calliopius of Pompeiopolis was one of the many martyrs during the persecutions of Diocletian.

He suffered martyrdom by being crucified upside down in Pompeiopolis, located in Cilicia, Asia Minor, in the year 303 AD.

Saint Cyriacus of Nicomedia

Of the group of eleven Christians who were martyred together in Nicomedia, Asia Minor, Saint Cyriacus is the only one whose name has been preserved throughout history.

Saint Peleusius of Alexandria

Saint Peleusius, also known as Pelusio, was a priest who served in Alexandria, Egypt. He was martyred and died for his faith in the year 310 AD in Alexandria.

Saint Goran

Saint Goran, also known as Gorran, Goron or Woranus, was a historical figure who lived in Bodmin, Cornwall, England during the 6th century.

He is venerated as a saint and has had several Cornish churches named in his honor.

Saint Guainerth

Saint Guainerth, also known as Weonard, lived during the 6th century and was venerated as a saint.

He was the patron of a chapel located in Herefordshire, England.

Saint Donatus of North Africa

Saint Donatus of North Africa is a group of 13 martyrs in North Africa.

Saint Epiphanius the Martyr

Saint Epiphanius the Martyr was a bishop and one of a group of 13 martyrs in North Africa.

Saint Saturninus of Verona

Saint Saturninus of Verona as the fourth century bishop of Verona, Italy.

Saint Rufinus the Martyr

Saint Rufinus the Martyr is a group of 13 martyrs in North Africa.

Martyrs of Pentapolis

The Martyrs of Pentapolis were a group of four individuals, namely a bishop, a deacon, and two lectors, who lived in Pentapolis, Libya during the 4th century.

They were subjected to torture and had their tongues cut out for refusing to renounce their faith. Despite being left for dead, they survived and eventually died of natural causes several years later.

Their names were Ammonius, Irenaeus, Serapion, and Theodore. Although they did not die immediately after their torture, they are still considered martyrs because of their willingness to die for their faith and the attempts made to kill them. They died in the year 310 AD.

Martyrs of Sinope

The Martyrs of Sinope were a group of 200 Christian soldiers who were martyred together for their faith. Unfortunately, their names are unknown to us.

They were put to death in Sinope, a city in Pontus, located in Asia Minor, which is present-day Turkey.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Aedh of Rathlin Island
  • Pelagius of Alexandria
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 7 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 7 2023 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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