Saint of the Day for April 9 2023

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Today is Thursday, February 22, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on April 9 2023.

Saint Demetrius of Sermium

Blessed Antony of Pavoni

Blessed Katarzyna Faron

Blessed Ubaldo Adimari

Saint Liborius of Le Mans

Saint Waltrude of Mons

Blessed Thomas of Tolentino

Blessed Lindalva Justo de Oliveira

Saint Madrun

Saint Gaucherius

Saint Hugh of Rouen

Saint Acacius of Amida

Saint Casilda of Toledo

Blessed Pierre Camino

In 1284, Blessed Pierre Camino, a Mercedarian friar who hailed from France, was on a mission for his Order to redeem Christians who were enslaved by Muslims in north Africa.

During the journey, he was captured by Muslims, brought to Tunis, and subjected to a series of brutal acts such as being buried in the ground up to his waist and used for archery practice.

Ultimately, he was mutilated, blinded, and killed through beheading, in martyrdom for his faith.

Saint Eupsychius of Cappadocia

Saint Eupsychius of Cappadocia, also called Eupsichio, lived in the fourth century in Cappadocia and was a patrician.

He was persecuted by Julian the Apostate, arrested, and found guilty of being a Christian as well as destroying the temple of the pagan deity of fortune in Caesarea.

As a result, he was tortured, executed, and died as a martyr in Caesarea, Cappadocia by beheading in the year 362 AD.

Saint Aedesius of Alexandria

St Aedesius of Alexandria, also known as Edessa or Edesio, was the brother of Saint Apphian of Caesarea.

During the persecutions of Emperor Maximinus, he publicly rebuked a judge who had forced nuns to work in brothels in an attempt to break their faith.

As a result, he was imprisoned, tortured, and ultimately executed by drowning in 306 AD in Alexandria, Egypt. He died as a martyr for his faith.

Saint Maximus of Alexandria

St. Maximus of Alexandria was a priest in Alexandria, Egypt who supported the catechetical school in the city.

When St. Dionysius of Alexandria was exiled in 257 AD, Maximus stepped in to govern the patriarchate. Later, he became the bishop of Alexandria in 265 AD. He died of natural causes in Alexandria in 288 AD.

Blessed James of Padua

Blessed James of Padua, an Italian Franciscan missionary, was martyred along with Blessed Thomas of Tolentino, Blessed Peter of Siena, and Blessed Demetrius of Triflis during their journey to evangelize Ceylon and China.

They were beheaded by Muslims in 1322 at Thama, Hindustan. Pope Leo XIII beatified James of Padua in 1894 by cultus confirmation.

Blessed Marguerite Rutan

Blessed Marguerite Rutan was a member of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, a religious congregation.

She was martyred during the French Revolution. She was born on April 23 1736, in Metz, Moselle, France, and died on April 9 1794, in Dax, Landes, France. Pope Benedict XVI beatified her on June 19, 2011.

Saint Hedda the Abbot

Saint Hedda the Abbot, also known as Haeddi, was an abbot of the Benedictine monastery in Croyland, England.

In 869 AD, he and 84 of his fellow monks were martyred by invading pagan Danes.

Saint Marcellus of Die

St Marcellus of Die was a bishop in Die, France, and the brother of Saint Petronius of Die. He faced significant persecution by Arians during his time as bishop.

Marcellus was born in Avignon, France, and he passed away in 474 AD.

Saint Heliodorus of Mesopotamia

St Heliodorus was a Bishop in Mesopotamia who died in the year 355 AD. He was martyred during the persecution that occurred under the reign of Shapur II.

Saint Brogan

Saint Brogan, also known as Brocan, is severally mentioned in German Martyrology.

Saint Concessus the Martyr

Saint Concessus was a Martyr

Saint Dotto

Saint Dotto was a sixth-century abbot of a monastery in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

Saint Hilary the Martyr

Saint Hilary was a Martyr

Martyrs of Croyland

The Martyrs of Croyland were a collection of Benedictine monks who were killed by pagan Danes and died as martyrs in Croyland Abbey, located in England.

The martyrs included Agamund, Askega, Egdred, Elfgete, Grimkeld, Sabinus, Swethin, Theodore, and Ulric.

Martyrs of Masyla

The Massylitan Martyrs, a collective of Christian individuals, were martyred in Masyla, which is located in the northwest region of Africa.

Martyrs of Pannonia

Martyrs of Pannonia were seven virgin martyrs in Sirmium, Pannonia in modern-day Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia.

Martyrs of Thorney Abbey

The Martyrs of Thorney Abbey were a collection of monks, hermits, and hermitesses who resided in or near Thorney Abbey.

They were martyred together by raiders during a raid by pagan Danes in 869 AD and died at Thorney Abbey, Cambridgeshire, England.

The identity of most of the martyrs remains unknown, although three of them have been named: Tancred, Torthred, and Tova.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 9 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is April 9 2023 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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