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Saint of the Day for August 29

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on August 29 every year.

👉 Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

Saint Jeanne Jugan

Blessed Sancja Szymkowiak

Blessed Edmund Rice

Saint Eufrasia of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Eluvathingal

Blessed Bronislava of Poland

Blessed José Almunia López-Teruel

Blessed Filippa Guidoni

Blessed Richard Herst

Blessed Teresa Bracco

Blessed Louis-Wulphy Huppy

Blessed Dominik Jedrzejewski

Saint Alberic of Bagno de Romagna

Blessed Peter of Sassoferrato

Saint Sabina of Rome

Saint Sebbe of Essex

Blessed John of Perugia

Saint Sator of Velleianum

Saint Repositus of Velleianum

Saint Vitalis of Velleianum

Saint Medericus

Saint Maximian of Vercelli

St Maximian was the fifth-century bishop of Vercelli, Italy. He died in 478  AD in Vercelli, Italy.

Saint Euthymius of Perugia

St Euthymius of Perugia was a layman who was married and became the father of Saint Crescentius. He and his family fled Rome to Perugia, Italy during the persecutions of Diocletian. He died in the 4th century in Perugia, Italy.

Saint Adelphius

St Adelphius was also known as Adelfo. He was the bishop of Metz, France for 17 years during the fifth century. He brought many pagans in the region to Christianity. After his death, his relics were moved to Neuweiler, Alsace, France in the 9th century.

Saint Velleicus

St Velleicus was born in the British Isles. He was a missionary to Germany with Saint Swithbert. In the early 8th century, he was the abbot of the Benedictine monastery at Werth on the Rhine in modern Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, Germany. 

Saint Candida of Rome

St Candida of Rome died as a martyr on the Ostian Way outside of Rome, Italy. His relics are enshrined in the church of Saint Praxedes in Rome.

Saint Victor of La Chambon

St Victor of La Chambon was a hermit in the seventh century who built and lived in a small chapel at La Chambon, Nantes, Brittany, France.

Saint Edwold the Hermit

St Edwold was a hermit in the ninth-century at Cerne, Doresetshire, England. He may have been the brother of Saint Edmund the Martyr.

Saint Basila of Sirmium

St Basila died as a martyr in Sirmium, Pannonia in modern Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia in 300 AD.

Saint Sabina of Troyes

St Sabina was the sister of Saint Sabinian of Troyes. She died in 275 AD.

Saint Adausia of Rome

St Adausia of Rome was also known as Adavisa. He was martyred in Rome, Italy.

Saint Nicaeus of Antioch

St Nicaeus of Antioch died as a martyr in Antioch, Syria.

Saint Paul of Antioch

St Paul of Antioch died as a martyr in Antioch, Syria.

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

These are the names of some of the thousands of people were murdered from 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. 

Their names are;

  • Blessed Pedro Asúa Mendía
  • Blessed Josep Maria Tarín Curto
  • Blessed Constantino Fernández álvarez

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Verona of Mainz
  • Pietro Romero
  • Our Lady of the Guard
  • Our Lady of Tears
  • Ferdinando de Incapié
  • Beatrice of Nazareth
Saints Whose Feast Day is August 29 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is August 29 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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