Saint of the Day for August 7 2024

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Today is Saturday, July 13, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is August 7 2024

👉 Saint Sixtus II, Pope and Martyr, and Companions, Martyrs

👉 Saint Cajetan, Priest

Blessed Vincent de L’Aquila

Saint Albert of Sicily

Saint Miguel de la Mora

Blessed Edmund Bojanowski

Saint Donatus of Arezzo

Saint Afra of Augsburg

Blessed Dalmacio Bellota Pérez

Blessed Agathangelus Nourry

Blessed Edward Bamber

Saint Victricius of Rouen

Blessed Thomas Whitaker

Saint Claudia of Rome

Blessed Jordan Forzatei

Blessed Nicholas Postgate

Blessed John Woodcock

Saint Donatus of Besançon

Blessed Cassian Vaz Lopez-Neto

Saint Faustus of Milan

Saint Faustus was born in Milan, Italy in the 2nd century to the wealthy nobility. He was a soldier and the son of Philip. Soldier.

In 190 AD, he was martyred in Milan, Italy during the persecutions of Commodus.

Saint Donatian of Châlons-sur-Marne

Saint Donatian was the fourth-century bishop of Châlons-sur-Marne, France. In 343 AD, he was one of the signatories of the documents of the Council of Sardica. He died in the 4th century.

Saint Julian of Rome

St Julian of Rome was also known as Juliana. He was one of a group of over 20 martyrs who were killed in 260 AD in Rome, Italy together in the persecutions of Valerian and Gallienus.

Saint Hilarinus of Ostia

St Hilarinus of Ostia was also known as Hilary. He was a fourth-century monk who was scourged to death in 361 AD at Ostia, Italy during the persecutions of Julian the Apostate.

Saint Peter of Rome

Saint Peter of Rome was one of a group of over 20 martyrs who were killed in 260 AD in Rome, Italy together during the persecutions of Valerian and Gallienus.

Saint Hyperechios

St Hyperechios was a desert hermit born in Egypt. Rosweyde’s Vitae Patrum published a collection of 160 sayings attributed to him.

Saint Donat

St Donat was also known as Danat or Dunwyd. He is the patron saint of Llandunwyd, Glamorgan, Wales

Martyred Deacons of Rome

The Martyred Deacons of Rome are a group of deacons who were beheaded and martyred together with Pope Saint Sixtus II on August 6 258 AD in a cemetery on the Appian Way, Rome, Italy.

Their names are

  • Agapitus
  • Januarius
  • Felicissimus
  • Vincent
  • Magnus
  • Stephen

Martyrs of Como

The Martyrs of Como are a group of Christian soldiers in the imperial Roman army. In 295 AD, they were martyred on the north side of Lake Como, near Samolaco, Italy during the persecutions of Maximian.

Their relics is preserved in the church of San Carpoforo, Como, Italy. Their representation is a soldier.

Their names are

  1. Carpophorus
  2. Cassius
  3. Exanthus
  4. Licinius
  5. Severinus
  6. Secundus

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

These are the names of some of the thousands of people who were murdered from 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War. 

Their names are;

  • Blessed Tomás Carbonell Miquel
  • Blessed Rafaél Severiano Rodríguez Navarro
  • Blessed María Rosa Adrover Martí
  • Blessed María del Carmen Zaragoza y Zaragoza
  • Blessed Luis Villanueva Montoya
  • Blessed Francisco Gargallo Gascón
  • Blessed Diodorus Hernando Lopez
  • Blessed Dalmacio Bellota Pérez

Other Saints of the Day for August 7 2024

  • Albert of Sassoferrato
  • Thomas Hunt
  • Matthew Noll
  • Leodebodo
  • Isabel Remiñán Carracedo
  • Donatus of Muenstereifel
  • Conrad Nantwein
Saints Whose Feast Day is August 7 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is August 7 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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