Saint of the Day for December 26

Today is Friday, June 2, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on December 26 every year.

👉 Feast of Saint Stephen, The First Martyr

Pope Saint Dionysius

Saint Vincenza María López y Vicuña

Blessed Agnes Phila

Blessed Lucie Khambang

Saint Evaristo of Constantinople

Blessed Agata Phutta Bi

Blessed Cecilia Butsi

Pope Saint Zosimus

Pope Saint Zosimus is suspected to have been Jewish by birth, son to Abram. He tried to expand the power of the pontificate, but allowed his personality clashes with local bishops, to enter into the matter.

Little is known about Zosimus’ life before his election as Pope. A number of his letters survived, as well as a Decree ordering priests to stay out of taverns.

Moreover, he fought Pelagianism and Pelagius himself. He died on December 27 418 AD due to natural causes and was buried at the Church of Saint Laurence in Agro Verano.

His Papal ascension was on March 18 417 AD

Blessed Giovanni Orsini

Blessed Giovanni Orsini was born in 1333 AD in Rivalta, Torino, Italy and came from a pious family. He was born into the Italian nobility and several of his brothers became monks.

He became a Canon lawyer, Canon of the cathedral of Turin, Italy, and was a commendatory abbot of Rivalta, Italy as well as a noted preacher.

In 1364 AD, he became the Archbishop of Turin. He travelled continually to each of the parishes in his diocese preaching against heresy, including Waldensianism.

During the Avignon papacy, he tried to get the pope to return to Rome. He created the cardinal in 1388 AD and was also the Apostolic legate to the court of King Charles VI.

In 1411 AD, he died in Torino, Italy and was buried in the cathedral of Turin.

Blessed Jean of Hainaut

Blessed Jean of Hainaut was born in the early century Hainaut, Belgium. He was a Civil and Canon lawyer as well as a Premonstratensian monk.

Blessed Jean became Canon of the Joyenval monastery in the area of Ile-de-France. He was Abbot of his house in 1441 and he served for over 30 years.

In addition, he was the Norbertine visitor for areas of Austria, Hungary, and the German areas of Swabia and Bavaria.

This required him to inspect all monasteries and ensure adherence to the Order’s rule. The Joyenval house was destroyed by the English and Burgundian.

Blessed Jean obtained permission to take his monks and the surviving relics of the saints on travels through France to beg alms. He died in 1472 of natural causes.

Blessed Bibiana Khamphai

Blessed Bibiana Khamphai, daughter of Lon and Monica Di Benedetto was born on November 4 1925 in Songkhon, Mukdahan, Thailand.

She was a pious girl who was dedicated to the sacraments and attended the Catholic mission of Songkhon, Thailand.

On December 26 1940, she was shot in the anti-Christian persecutions that began when the French left Thailand and died as martyr.

She was beatified on October 22 1989 by Pope John Paul II.

Blessed Maria Phon

Blessed Maria Phon daughter of John the Baptist and Catherine Tan Pha was born on January 6 1929 in Ban Songkhon, Mukdahan, Thailand.

Daughter of John the Baptist and Catherine Tan Pha. She was a pious girl and lived with an aunt named Mary.

She attended the local Catholic mission. On December 26 1940, she was shot in the anti-Christian persecutions that began when the French left Thailand and died as a martyr.

She was beatified on October 22 1989 by Pope John Paul II.

Saint Marinus of Rome

Saint Marinus of Rome, also known as Marin or Marino was the son of an imperial Roman senator and served as senator himself.

He was stripped of office, arrested, stripped of title, property and freedom, made a slave, tortured and executed for being a Christian during the persecutions of emperor Numerian and the prefect Marcian.

Saint Marinus miraculously survived torture chambers, wild beasts, fire, and water in the persecutions of Numerian but was eventually beheaded in 283 AD and died as a Martyr. His story may be pious fiction.

Blessed Pierre Boffet

Blessed Pierre Boffet a Mercedarian was born in France. He was a professor of Theology and a noted preacher too.

Blessed Pierre worked to ransom Christians enslaved in Muslim-controlled areas and while on a ransom mission to Tunisia in 1442, he and Blessed Lorenzo were shipwrecked and imprisoned for ransom themselves.

When Blessed Pierre converted a Muslim to Christianity, he was abused and executed. In 1452 he died as a Martyr.

Saint Tathai

Saint Tathai also known as Athaeus, Athan, Atheus, Tathal, Tathan, Tathar and Father of all Gwent was born 5th century Irish.

He was the nephew of Saint Samson of Dol and Hermit in Glamorgan, Wales.

St Tathai founded the monastery at Llantathan (Saint Athan), Gwent and the monastery school at Caerwent.

Moreover, he was a reputed miracle worker and was noted for his gentleness, love of the country and generosity to travellers and the poor.

He died in the 6th century at Caerwent or Llantathan, Wales of natural causes.

Saint Archelaus of Mesopotamia

Saint Archelaus of Mesopotamia was the Bishop of Chacar also Kashkar, Cascus or Charchar in Mesopotamia.

He fought Manichaeism. His writings on heresy were valued by Saint Jerome. He died in 280 AD.

Blessed Paganus of Lecco

Blessed Paganus of Lecco was born in 13th-century AD Lecco, Italy. He was a Dominican friar for 50 years and was received into the Order by Saint Dominic himself.

Blessed Paganus succeeded Saint Peter the Martyr as inquisitor general. He was murdered by heretics on December 26 1274 at Valtellina, Como, Italy, and died a martyr.

Saint Zeno of Gaza

Saint Zeno of Gaza also known as Zenon was the Cousin of Saint Eusebius and Saint Nestabus. He was a Monk and survived the persecutions of Julian the Apostate.

He became the Bishop of Maïouma in Palestine where he continued to live as close as he could to the monastic rules, including doing manual labor. In 1400 he died of natural causes

Blessed Margaret of Hohenfels

Blessed Margaret also Margarita, Margherita, Marguerite was born to the nobility.

She was a Benedictine nun and prioress at Bingen under Saint Hildegard. She died in 1150 AD.

Saint Amaethlu of Anglesey

Saint Amaethlu of Anglesey also, Amaethlu of Wales, Amaethlin, Maethlu, or Maethlin was a 6th-century hermit.

He founded a church in Anglesey, Wales, now named Llanfaethlu.

Blessed Daniel of Villiers

Blessed Daniel of Villiers was a soldier, a Knight, and a Benedictine Cistercian monk. He became the Cellarer of the great Cistercian abbey of Villiers in the Brabant region.

Blessed Daniel died in the late 12th century AD of natural causes.

Saint Theodore the Sacristan

Saint Theodore the Sacristan was a sixth-century sacristan for the Church of Saint Peter in Rome, Italy.

Saint Gregory the Great wrote that Theodore often saw angels. He is the patron of the sacristans.

Saint Abadiu of Antinoë

Saint Abadiu of Antinoe was the bishop of Antinoë. He was martyred by Arians.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Secundus Pollo
  • Isaac II of Optina

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List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 26 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is December 26 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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