Saint of the Day for February 14 2025

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Today is Monday, June 10, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is February 14 2025.

👉 Saint Valentine of Rome

👉 Saint Cyril, Monk and Saint Methodius, Bishop

Saint Valentine of Terni

Saint Modestinus of Avellino

Saint Juan García López-Rico

Saint Flavianus of Avellino

Saint Nostrianus of Naples

Blessed Vicente Vilar David

Saint Derien of Brittany

Saint Fiorentinus of Avellino

Saint Fortunata of Baucina

Saint Auxentius of Bithynia

Saint Abraham of Harran

Saint Antoninus of Sorrento

Saint Alexandra of Egypt

Saint Eleuchadius

Saint Louans of Chinon

St. Louans of Chinon was also known as Lupance or Lupantius. He was a seventh-century monk at the Abbey of St. Mesmin near Orleans, France.

Feeling a need for solitude with God, he retired to live as a hermit on the banks of the river Vienne near Chinon, France.

He was reported to have the gift of healing by prayer. A 12th-century abbey dedicated to him was built on the site of his hermitage.

Saint Felicula of Rome

St. Felicula of Rome was also known as Felicola. She was a sanctified virgin who was imprisoned and martyred in the persecution of Domitian.

Felicula was left for a fortnight in prison without food or drink, then thrown into a ditch to die in the late 1st century in Rome, Italy. Her body was recovered for burial by St. Nicomedes.

Saint Zeno of Rome

St. Zeno of Rome was also known as Zenone. He died as a martyr in Rome, Italy. He was laid to rest at the cemetery of Praetextatus on the Appian Way outside Rome

Saint Vitale of Spoleto

St. Vitale of Spoleto died as a martyr in Spoleto, Umbria, Italy.

Saint Vitalis of Rome

St. Vitalis of Rome died as a martyr in Rome, Italy.

Saint Theodosius of Vaison

St. Theodosius of Vaison was a bishop of Vaison, France. He died in 554 AD.

Saint Conran of Orkney

St. Conran of Orkney was a bishop of the Orkney Islands, Scotland.

Twenty Mercedarians of Palermo

The twenty Mercedarians of Palermo were a group of twenty Mercedarians who, when an unspecified plague struck Palermo, Italy, volunteered to nurse the sick. They contracted the plague themselves and died as martyrs of charity.

Their names are;

  • Vincenzo Salanitro
  • Vincenzo Carrenzo
  • Vincenzo Calderon
  • Vincenzo Bonello
  • Stefano Marchesi
  • Pietro Salino
  • Pietro Salanitro
  • Pietro Nolasco
  • Michele de la Rosa
  • Giuseppe Latona
  • Giovanni Zorita
  • Giovanni Ruiz
  • Giovanni Battista Mansa
  • Giovanni Battista de Sartis
  • Gaspare Fajolo
  • Gaspare de Ortega
  • Bonaventura Palmerio
  • Batilani Marsalio
  • Andrea Schiafino
  • Adriano Calabrò

Martyrs of Alexandria

The Martyrs of Alexandria were a group of Christians murdered in various ways for their faith in Alexandria, Egypt.

Their names are;

  • Tonione
  • Proto
  • Moses
  • Lucio
  • Dionysius
  • Cyrio
  • Cirione
  • Bassianus
  • Bassiano
  • Antonius
  • Ammonius
  • Ammonio
  • Agatone
  • Agatho

Martyrs of Terni

The Martyrs of Terni were three Christians who gave a proper burial to St. Valentine of Terni. They were martyred in the persecutions of Aurelius and died in 273 AD in Terni, Italy.

Their names are;

  • Apollonius
  • Ephebus
  • Proculus

Other Saints of the Day for February 14 2025

  • Our Lady of Pellevoisin
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 14 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 14 2025 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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