Saint of the Day for February 19

Today is Friday, February 3, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on February 19 every year.

Saint Publius of North Africa

Saint Marcellus of North Africa

Blessed Alvarez of Cordova

Saint Quodvultdeus

Saint Conrad of Piacenza

Blessed John Sullivan

Saint Barbatus of Benevento

Blessed Józef Zaplata

Blessed Elizabeth of Mantua

Blessed Frederick of Hirsau

Saint Boniface of Lausanne

Saint Mansuetus of Milan

Saint Beatus

Saint Proclus of Bisignano

Saint Lucia Yi Zhenmei

Saint Dositeus

St. Dositeus was a layman who served as a page to a senior army officer. During a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a painting of Hell caused him to re-evaluate his life and led to his becoming a monk in Palestine. He devoted himself so completely to giving up a worldly life that he destroyed his health, and died soon after entering the monastery.

Saint George of Lodeve

St. George of Lodeve was born at Rodez, France. He was a Benedictine monk at Saint-Foi-de-Conques, Rouergue. The monastery was destroyed by Norsemen in 862, and George fled to Vabres in the diocese of Rodez, France. In his later years he was elected bishop of Lodeve, France. He died in 884AD due to natural causes.

Saint Auxibius of Soli

St. Auxibius of Soli was also known as Ausibio. He was a convert and was baptized by St. Mark the Evangelist. In his later years he became bishop of Soli, Cyprus, ordained by St. Paul the Apostle. He died in the 1st century of natural causes.

Saint Zambdas of Jerusalem

St. Zambdas of Jerusalem was a bishop of Jerusalem in the late 3rd and early 4th century. Legend says he is the one who brought the Theban Legion to Christianity. He was martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian. He died in 304AD due to natural causes.

Saint Odran

St. Odran was also known as Odhran. He was St. Patrick’s chariot driver. Legend says that one day on the road, he spotted what appeared to be an ambush. He traded places with Patrick without telling him why, and died from the attack meant for his passenger. He died in 452AD.

Martyrs of Palestine

The martyrs of Palestine were an unknown number of monks and lay people massacred together for their faith by Saracens led by Mundhir III. They died in 509AD in Palestine.

Saint Belina

St. Belina was born in Troyes, France. She was a peasant girl who died fighting off a rape by the feudal lord of her district. In 1135, she died near Troyes, France. Pope Innocent III canonized her in 1203.

Saint Gabinus

St. Gabinus was also known as Gabins. He was a member of the imperial Roman nobility and brother of Pope Caius. He was the father of St. Susanna and relative of the emperor Diocletian. He died as a martyr in 295AD.

Saint Conon of Alexandria

St. Conon of Alexandria was a sixth century monk in the monastery of Pentucla in Palestine. He was an abbot of his house and died in 555 due to natural causes.

Saint Publius of North Africa

St. Publius of North Africa was a martyr.

Saint Marcellus of North Africa

St. Marcellus of North Africa was a martyr.

Saint Julian the Martyr

St. Julian the Martyr was martyred in Africa at an unknown date.

Saint Valerius of Antibes

St. Valerius of Antibes was a bishop of Antibes, France. He died in 450AD.

Saint Baoithin

St. Baoithin was the son of Cuana. He is the patron for Tibohin, Ireland.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 19 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 19 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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