Saint of the Day for February 22

Today is Tuesday, June 6, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on February 22 every year.

👉 Feast of the Chair of St Peter, Apostle

Saint Margaret of Cortona

Blessed Richard Henkes

Blessed Émilie d’Oultremont d’Hoogvorst

Blessed Isabella of France

Saint Maximian of Ravenna

Saint Limnaeus

Saint John the Saxon

Saint Papias of Hierapolis

Saint Athanasius of Nicomedia

Blessed Diego Carvalho

Saint Baradates of Cyrrhus

Blessed Miguel Facerías Garcés

Blessed Mohammed Abdalla

Blessed Mohammed Abdalla was born African and became a mercedarian friar at the convent of San Lazzaro in Zaragoza, Spain. He was known for his personal piety and outlook that saw the hand of God in all things.

Blessed Angelus Portasole

Blessed Angelus Portasole also known as Angelo Portasole was born in1296 in Perugia, Italy. He became a Dominican and bishop of Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy in 1330. He died in 1334 on Ischia, Naples, Italy.

Saint Raynerius of Beaulieu

Saint Raynerius of Beaulieu also known as Raynier of Beaulieu was a monk at Beaulieu Abbey near Limoges, France. He died in 967.

Saint Aristion of Salamis

Saint Aristion of Salamis as one of Jesus’s 72 disciples. He preached in Cyprus and was martyred in the Battle of Salamis in Cyprus.

Saint Paschasius of Vienne

Saint Paschasius of Vienne also known as Paschase was the bishop of early 4th-century Vienne, France and died in 312.

Saint Gurnin

Saint Gurnin also known as Gurmin or Gurminn was an Irish nun. She is mentioned in the Tallagh and Donegal martyrologies, but no details of her life have survived.

Saint Thalassius

Saint Thalassius was a fifth-century cave hermit near Cyrrhus in modern Syria. He was a spiritual teacher of Saint limnaeus and is known for his personal piety and holiness.

Saint Elwin

Saint Elwin also known as Allan, Alleyn or Elwyn was a born in Ireland. He became a missionary who worked with Saint Breaca in Cornwall.

Saint Abilius of Alexandria

Saint Abilius of Alexandria was the third bishop of Alexandria, Egypt. He died in 98.

Martyrs of Arabia

Martyrs of Arabia is a memorial for all the unnamed Christians martyred in the desert and mountainous areas south of the Dead Sea during the persecutions of Emperor Valerius Maximianus Galerius.

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 22 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 22 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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