Saint of the Day for February 23 2024

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Today is Friday, April 5, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is February 23 2024.

πŸ‘‰ Saint Polycarp of Smyrna, Bishop and Martyr

Saint Serenus the Gardener

Saint Willigis of Mainz

Blessed Josephine Vannini

Blessed Ludwik Mzyk

Saint Giovanni Theristi

Blessed Alerinus de Rambaldis

Blessed Rafaela Ybarra Arambarri de Villalonga

Saint Alexander Akimetes

Saint Romana

Saint Milburga

Blessed Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski

Blessed Nicolas Tabouillot

Blessed Milo of Benevento

Blessed Giovannina Franchi

Saint Boswell

Blessed Juan Lucas Manzanares

Blessed Anselm of Milan

Blessed Anselm of Milan was a 15th century Franciscan friar. His body is enshrined in the church of Santa Maria della Pace in Milan, Italy, but all records about him have been lost, and we know nothing about him. He died in 1481.

Saint Martha of Astorga

Saint Martha of Astorga was a virgin martyr in the persecutions of Decius. She was beheaded in 250 AD at Astorga, Spain and her relics enshrined in the abbey of Ribas de Sil and at Ters.

Saint Zebinus of Syria

Saint Zebinus of Syria was a hermit in Syria and a spiritual teacher of many monks, including Saint Maro and Saint Polychronius. He died in the 5th century of natural causes.

Saint Medrald

Saint Medrald also known as Merald, Merault or Meraut was a benedictine monk at Saint-Evroult, Ouche, France. He became abbot of Vendome, France. In 850 AD he died of natural causes.

Saint Felix of Brescia

Saint Felix of Brescia was the born in the 6th century AD. He was the bishop of Brescia, Italy for 40 years. He was a fierce opponent of Arianism and died in 650 AD.

Saint Polycarp of Rome

Saint Polycarp of Rome was a priest in Rome, Italy who was known for his ministry to people imprisoned for their faith .He died in 300 AD.

Saint Dositheus of Egypt

Saint Dositheus of Egypt was born in Egypt . He became a sixth-century desert hermit whose deep prayer life led to deep personal holiness.

Blessed John of Hungary

Blessed John of Hungary was born French and died in 1287 of natural causes.

Saint Ordonius

Saint Ordonius was a benedictine monk in Sahagun, Leon, Spain. Bishop of Astorga, Spain in 1062. He died in 1066 of natural causes.

Saint Florentius of Seville

Saint Florentius of Seville died as a martyr in 485 AD in Seville, Spain.

Martyrs of Syrmium

Martyrs of Syrmium was a group of 73 Christians who were martyred together in the persecutions of Diocletian.

Some of their names are Antigonus,Libius, Rogatianus ,Rutilus, Senerotas and Syncrotas. They died in 303 AD at Syrmium, Pannonia modern Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia.

Other Saints of the Day for February 23 2024

  • Madonna del Divin Pianto
  • Primianus of Ancona
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 23 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is February 23 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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