Saint of the Day for January 5 2025

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Today is Thursday, April 11, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is January 5 2025.

πŸ‘‰ Saint John Nepomucene Neumann

πŸ‘‰Blessed Marcelina Darowska

πŸ‘‰Blessed Maria Repetto

πŸ‘‰Saint Charles of Mount Argus

πŸ‘‰Saint Genoveva Torres Morales

πŸ‘‰Saint Edward the Confessor

πŸ‘‰Saint Gerlac of Valkenburg

πŸ‘‰Saint Deogratias of Carthage

πŸ‘‰Saint Syncletica

πŸ‘‰Saint Gaudentius of Gniezno

πŸ‘‰Blessed Romanus of Athos

πŸ‘‰Pope Saint Telesphorus

πŸ‘‰Blessed Pietro Bonilli

πŸ‘‰Blessed Convoyon of Redon

πŸ‘‰Saint Emiliana of Rome

πŸ‘‰Saints Ambrosius, Lucas, Privatus and Victorinis of Piacenza

πŸ‘‰Saint Domno of Bergamo

πŸ‘‰Saint Theognia of Mineo

πŸ‘‰Saint Phosterios

πŸ‘‰Saint Euprexia of Mineo

πŸ‘‰Saint Cera of Kilkeary

πŸ‘‰Blessed FranΓ§ois Peltier

πŸ‘‰Blessed Pierre Tessier

πŸ‘‰Blessed Jacques Ledoyen

πŸ‘‰Blessed Joan Grau Bullich

πŸ‘‰Saint Apollinaris Syncletica

πŸ‘‰Saint Dorotheus the Younger

πŸ‘‰Blessed Roger of Todi

Blessed Roger of Todi was also known as Ruggero or Ruggiero. He was Franciscan, receiving the habit from St Francis himself in 1236 AD.

He was the spiritual director of Blessed Philippa Mareria’s community of Poor Clares at Rieti, Italy.

He died on January 5 1237 in Todi, Italy due to natural causes. Pope Benedict XIV (cultus confirmed) beatified him on April 24 1751.

πŸ‘‰Blessed Paula of Tuscany

Blessed Paula of Tuscany was born in 1318 in Tuscany, Italy and placed into the care of the local Camaldolese nuns while she was very young.

She remained with the order as a student and a nun for the rest of her life. Best known for her work as a peacemaker between the Italian cities of Florence and Pisa.

She died in 1368 AD due to natural causes.

πŸ‘‰Blessed Dionisio Ammalio

Blessed Dionisio Ammalio was a Mercedarian friar at the convent of Santa Maria di Montebianco in Tarragona, Spain.

He was sent to Tunis in North Africa where he rescued 130 Christians enslaved by Muslims.

He died in Tarragona, Spain due to natural causes.

πŸ‘‰Saint Gregory of Crete

Saint Gregory of Crete grew up a shepherd on the island of Crete and lived as a prayerful beggar in Jerusalem for 12 years.

He became a monk in Rome, Italy. He was a friend of St Michael the Confessor and accompanied him to Constantinople where he spent his remaining days as a monk. He died in 820 AD in Constantinople.

πŸ‘‰Saint Talida of AntinoΓ«

Saint Talida of AntinoΓ« was also known as Talida of Thebes, Talida of Thebais or Amata, Amma Talida or Diamant.

She was a nun and an abbess. She headed a group of convents in Egypt. Talida lived over 80 years as a nun and died in the 4th century AD in Egypt due to natural causes.

πŸ‘‰Saint Rusticianus of Brescia

Saint Rusticianus of Brescia has an additional Memorial on March 28 (discovery of relics). He was a sixth-century bishop of Brescia, Italy.

He died in 594 AD due to natural causes. His relics were interred in the parish church of Saint Zeno in Brescia, Italy.

πŸ‘‰Saint Astolfus of Mainz

Saint Astolfus of Mainz was also known as Astolfo, Haistulf, or Uistulfus. He was a monk in Wissemburg, Germany.

He was also an early 9th-century bishop of Mainz, Germany. He ordained Blessed Rabanus Maurus as a priest. He died on January 28 826 AD of natural causes in Mainz, Germany.

πŸ‘‰Saint Honulphus of Sens

Saint Honulphus of Sens was also known as Honulph or Honulphoz. He has an additional Memorial on August 31 (discovery of relics).

He was the father of St Honobertus of Sens who was the 38th bishop of Sens, France in 755 AD. He died in 761 AD due to natural causes.

πŸ‘‰Saint Menas of Sinai

St Menas of Sinai was a monk and an abbot of the monastery of St Catherine on the Sinai peninsula in the desert of Egypt for 15 years with St John Klimakos.

He died in the latter 6th century AD at the monastery of St Catherine, Egypt due to natural causes.

πŸ‘‰Blessed Alacrinus of Casamari

Blessed Alacrinus of Casamari was a benedictine Cistercian monk. He was Prior at Casamari, Veroli, Italy.

He was a Papal legate to Germany for Pope Innocent III and Pope Honorius III. He was also a bishop. He died in 1216 of natural causes.

πŸ‘‰Saint Honobertus of Sens

Saint Honobertus of Sens was also known as Aunobertus. He was the son of St Honulphus of Sens, the 37th bishop of Sens, France in 738 AD. He died in 755 AD due to natural causes.

πŸ‘‰Saint Theodore of Cagliari

St Theodore of Cagliari was a martyr. He died in 300 AD in Sardinia, Italy.

πŸ‘‰Saint Theoidus

St Theoidus was a martyr. He was trampled to death.

πŸ‘‰Saint Tatiana

St Tatiana was a nun noted for her ascetic life.

πŸ‘‰Martyrs of Africa

The Martyrs of Africa were a group of Christians martyred together in Africa at an unknown date and location.

Their names are;

  • Acutus
  • Anastasia
  • Candidus
  • Coelifloria
  • Felix
  • Honorius
  • Januaria
  • Jucundus
  • Lucianus
  • Marcus
  • Petrus
  • Secundus
  • Severus
  • Telesphorus

πŸ‘‰Martyrs of Sais

The Martyrs of Sais were a group of Christians martyred for their faith. They drowned near Sais in Egypt. No further details about them are known.

πŸ‘‰Martyrs of Upper Egypt

The Martyrs of Upper Egypt were also known as Martyrs of Thebaid. There were many martyrs who suffered in the persecution of Diocletian in the Thebaid region.

Though we know these atrocities occurred, to the point that witnesses claim the torturers and executioners were exhausted by the work, none of the names of the saints is known, and we honour them as a group.

They were beheaded and burned alive in 303 AD in Upper Egypt.

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List of Saints Whose Feast Day is January 5 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is January 5 2025 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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