Saint of the Day for January 6 2025

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Today is Thursday, April 4, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on January 6 2025.

👉 The Epiphany of the Lord

👉 Saint André Bessette

Saint Charles of Sezze

Blessed Rita Amada de Jesus

Saint Balthasar, Saint Caspar and Saint Melchior

Saint Rafaela Porras y Ayllón

Blessed Peter Thomas

Saint Andrew Corsini

Blessed Gertrude van Oosten

Blessed Macarius the Scot

Saint Juan de Ribera

Saint Macra of Rheims

Saint Erminold of Prüfening

Saint Peter of Canterbury

Saint Felix of Nantes

Saint Guy of Auxerre

Blessed Luc of Roucy

Saint Nilammon of Geris

Blessed Frederick of Saint-Vanne

Saint Basillisa

Saint Julian

Saint Diman Dubh of Connor

Saint Edeyrn

Saint Petran of Landévennec

St Petran of Landévennec was also known as Bedan, Bedran, Paezron, Pedran, Pedraon, Peran, Peron, Petron, Petronus or Pezran.

He was a missionary working in the 4th and 5th centuries with St Germanus of Auxerre in the Champagne region of France.

He was a monk at Landévennec, France. He is the patron of Trézilidé, France.

Saint Demetrius of Philadelphia

St Demetrius of Philadelphia was also known as Dimitrios or Dimitri. He was the first-century bishop of Philadelphia in Asia minor.

Demetrius receives a good report from all, even from the truth itself. We give our testimonial as well, and you know our testimony is true. ” 3rd John 1:12

Blessed Raymond de Blanes

Blessed Raymond de Blanes was a soldier, knight and Mercedarian. He was captured by Muslim invaders, imprisoned, tortured, and executed for his faith.

He was the first Mercedarian martyr. He died and was beheaded on January 6 1235 in Granada, Spain.

Saint Schotin

St Schotin was born in Ireland. He was also known as Scarthin, Schottin or Scothin.

He left his homeland to become a spiritual student of St David of Wales. He was a hermit on Mount Mairge in Ireland and founded a boys school in Kilkenny, Ireland.

He died in 550 AD on Mount Maige, Queens County, Ireland due to natural causes.

Saint Wiltrudis of Bergen

St Wiltrudis of Bergen was also known as Biletrudis or Wiltrude. She was the wife of Duke Berthold of Bavaria.

She was widowed in 947 AD. She was a benedictine nun and founded the convent of Bergen, near Neuburg, Germany, on the Danube in 976 AD.

She was noted for her skill in handcrafts. She died in 986 AD due to natural causes.

Saint Pompejanus

St Pompejanus was martyred at age 26. He died after being stabbed through the heart with a spear in Cagliari, Sicily, Italy.

His relics were re-discovered in 1614 in the church of San Saturninus in Cagliari. Pope Paul V canonized him in 1615 (cultus confirmation).

Blessed Gertrud of Traunkirchen

Blessed Gertrud of Traunkirchen was also known as Gertrude. She was a benedictine nun and then abbess of the Abbey of Traunkirchen, Germany (in modern Austria). He died in 1050 AD due to natural causes.

Saint Pia of Quedlinburg

St Pia of Quedlinburg was a hermitess at Saint Mary’s chapel, Huysburg, Halberstadt, Germany in 1070 AD.

When the double monastery of Quedlinburg was founded there in 1080 AD, Pia entered as a nun and then became its abbess.

Saint Hywyn of Aberdaron

StHywyn of Aberdaron was born in Welsh. He was also known as Owen or Ewen. He was a pilgrim companion of St Cadfan and founded Aberdaron abbey, Gwynedd, Wales. He died in 515 AD.

Saint Merninus

St Merninus was a hermit at Bangor, Wales. He was a spiritual student of Abbot Dunawd.

He was also a titular patron of churches in Wales and Brittany. He died in the 6th century AD due to natural causes.

Saint Eigrad

St Eigrad was the brother of St Samson of York. He was a spiritual student of St. Illtyd. He founded a church in Anglesey, Wales.

He died in the 6th century AD of natural causes.

Saint Antoninus

St Antoninus was a martyr.

Saint Honorius

St Honorius was a martyr.

Saint Julius

St Julius was a martyr.

Martyrs in Africa

The martyrs in Africa are an unknown number of Christian men and women who were martyred in the persecutions of Septimus Severus.

They died after being burned to death in 210 AD.

Martyrs of Sirmium

The Martyrs of Sirmium were a group of Christians martyred together for their faith. They died in the 4th century at Syrmium, Pannonia (modern Sremska Mitrovica, Vojvodina, Serbia).

The only surviving details are the names of eight of them

  • Anastasius VIII
  • Florianus
  • Florus
  • Jucundus
  • Peter
  • Ratites
  • Tatia and
  • Tilis.

Twelve Apostles of Ireland

The Twelve Apostles of Ireland were also known as the Twelve Apostles of Erin or Dh´ Aspal Déag na hÉireann.

In the 6th century AD, these Irish monks studied under St. Finian at Clonard Abbey, and then spread the faith throughout Ireland.

Each has his own commemoration, but on this day they and their good work are considered and celebrated together.

Their names are;

  • Senan of Iniscathay
  • Ruadh´n of Lorrha
  • Ninnidh the Saintly of Loch Erne
  • Mobhí of Glasnevin
  • Lasserian of Leighlin
  • Kieran of Clonmacnois
  • Keiran of Saighir
  • Columba of Terryglass
  • Columba of Iona
  • Canice of Aghaboe
  • Brendan the Navigator
  • Brendan of Birr

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Catholic Saint of the Day

List of Saints Whose Feast Day is January 6 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is January 6 2025 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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