Saint of the Day for July 22

Today is Tuesday, June 6, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on July 22 every year

👉 Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Gualtero of Lodi

Blessed Augustine Fangi

Saint Anna Wang

Blessed Manuela de JesĂşs Arias Espinosa

Saint Joseph of Palestine

Saint John Lloyd

Saint Wandrille of Fontenelle

Saint Philip Evans

Saint Andreas Wang Tianqing

Saint Lucia Wang Wangzhi

Saint Maria Wang Lishi

Blessed Jacques Lombardie

Saint Syntyche of Philippi

Blessed Joaquin RodrĂ­guez Bueno

Blessed RosalĂ­o Benito

Blessed Benno of Osnabruck

Saint Theophilus of Cyprus

Saint Meneleus of MĂ©nat

St Meneleus of Ménat was also known as Mauvier, Menele or Meneve. He was born Anjou, France. He became a monk at Carméry in Auvergne, France. He restored the monastery of Ménat near Clermont, France. He died in 720 AD.

Saint Movean of Inis-Coosery

St Movean was also known as Biteus of Inis-Coosery. He was a spiritual student of Saint Patrick.

He became a monk and later an Abbot of Inis-Coosery in County Down, Ireland. He retired in Perthshire, Scotland to live as a prayerful hermit.

Saint Anastasius of Schemarius

St Anastasius of Schemarius was a monk in the Caucasus mountains. He was a spiritual student of Saint Maximus the Confessor.

In 662 AD, he was imprisoned, tortured and martyred at the Schemaris fortress, Caucasus mountains.

Saint Plato of Ancyra

St Plato of Ancyra was also known as Platone. He was the brother of Saint Antiochus of Sebaste. He died in 306 AD as a martyr at Ancyra, Galatia.

Saint Jerome of Pavia

St Jerome of Pavia was also known as Gerolamo. He was the Bishop of Pavia, Italy from 778 AD until his natural death in 787 AD.

On December 20 1888, he was canonized by Pope Leo XIII through a cultus confirmation.

Saint Claudius Marius Victorinus of Saussaye

St Claudius Marius Victorinus is commemorated in La Saussaye, Eure, France, but no information about him is available.

Saint Dabius

St Dabius was also known as Bavins or Davius. He was an Irish priest and a missionary to Scotland where several churches are named after him. He may have been a spiritual student of Saint Patrick.

Saint Pancharius of Besançon

St Pancharius was the Bishop of Besançon, France. He died in 356 AD after much persecutions by the Arian Emperor Constantius.

Blessed Paolo de Lara

Blessed Paolo de Lara was born to the nobility. He was ordained as a priest in 1344 AD and became a Mercedarian friar.

He ransomed 209 Christians who were enslaved by Moors in Granada, Spain.

Saint Baudry of Montfaucon

Saint Baudry was a seventh-century monk who founded the Abbey of Montfaucon in the diocese of Verdun, France.

Saint Lewine

St Lewine was born in Flanders now in modern-day Belgium in the fourth-century. She became a nun in England and martyred there, by invading pagan Saxons.

Saint Cyril of Antioch

St Cyril of Antioch was a patriarch of Antioch in 280 AD. In 300 AD, he died of natural causes.

Saint Andrew of Antioch

St Andrew of Antioch died as a martyr in 280 AD in Antioch.

Martyrs of Marula

The martyrs of Marula were also known as Martyrs of Massylis. They were three Christians martyred together in Massylis (Marula), Numidia in modern-day Algeria.

Their names are

  • Ajabosus
  • Andrew
  • Elian

Martyrs of Massilitani

Martyrs of Massilitani are a group of Christians who were written about by Saint Augustine of Hippo and martyred together in northern Africa.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

Mother of God of Koloch

Saints Whose Feast Day is July 22 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is July 22 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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