Saint of the Day for July 25 2024

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Today is Saturday, June 8, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is July 25 2024.

👉 Saint James, Apostle

Blessed Antonio Lucci

Saint Christopher

Saint Euphrasia

Saint Cugat del Valles

Saint María del Carmen Sallés Barangueras

Blessed Pietro Corradini of Mogliano

Blessed Mieczyslawa Kowalska

Saint Olympiad of Constantinople

Saint Magnericus of Trier

Blessed John Soreth

Blessed Alexius Worstius

Blessed DarĂ­o Acosta Zurita

lessed Michel-Louis Brulard

Blessed Jaume Vendrell Olivella

Blessed Josep Garriga Ferrer

Blessed Dionisio Pamplona-Polo

Blessed Miquel Peiro Victori

Martyrs of Cuncolim

Blessed Antonio of Olmedo

Blessed Antonio of Olmedo was a Mercedarian friar and a Missionary in Chile. He brought many to Christianity and instilled a love of devotion.

He founded the Mercedarian Convent of Santa Maria in Valdivia, Chile. He died of the plague in Chile which he had contracted while working with plague victims.

Saint Fagildo of Santiago

St Fagildo of Santiago was also known as Fagildus. He was an eleventh-century Benedictine monk in Spain. He became an Abbot of the monastery of San Martin de Antealtares in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

He died of natural causes in 1086 AD. An epitaph on his tomb is written: “A saint who left the world to live with the saints”.

Saint Mordeyren

St Mordeyren’s relics were initially enshrined in a chapel of the parish church Nantglyn, Wales, but at the moment they have disappeared.

A turf around his chapel was cut and used as a cure for livestock diseases until at least 1699 AD. He is the patron saint of Nantglyn, Wales.

Saint Glodesind of Metz

Saint Glodesind of Metz was engaged to a courtier who was arrested on their wedding day and later executed.

She later became a nun at Metz, France, and later on the abbess. In 608 AD, she died of natural causes.

Saint Theodemir of Cordoba

St Theodemir of Cordoba was also known as Teodemiro. He was a Monk in Moorish-controlled Andalusia.

In 851 AD in Cordoba, Spain, he was martyred in the persecutions of Abderrahman II. He was buried in the choir of the church of Saint Zoilo in Cordoba.

Saint Paul of Palestine

Saint Paul of Palestine died as a martyr in 308 AD in Palestine after he was beheaded during the persecutions of Galerius.

During his last minutes, standing at the executioner’s block, he prayed for his countrymen, his executioner, his judges, and the onlookers who had come to witness his execution.

Saint Florentius of Furcona

St Florentius of Furcona was one of the soldiers who were martyred in 235 AD at Furcona, Italy during the persecutions of Maximinius the Thracian.

Saint Ebrulfus

St Ebrulfus was also known as Ebrulf, Evrou or Evroult. He was a hermit born in Beauvais, France. He founded a monastery at Saint-Fuscien-aux-Bois. He died in 600 AD.

Saint Felix of Furcona

St Felix of Furconawas one of the soldiers who were martyred in 235 AD at Furcona, Italy during the persecutions of Maximinius the Thracian

Saint Nissen of Wexford

Saint Nissen was a fifth-century abbot of Montgarth Abbey, Wexford, Ireland. He was a convert, brought to the faith by Saint Patrick. 

Saint Beatus of Trier

St Beatus of Trier was also known as Béat. He was a sixth-century priest and hermit.

Saint Bantu of Trier

St Bantu of Trier was also known as Bantus. He was a sixth-century priest and hermit.

Martyrs of Caesarea

The martyrs of Caesarea were three Christians martyred together in 309 AD in Caesarea, Palestine during the persecutions of emperor Maximilian and governor Firmilian

Their names are

  1. Paul
  2. Tea
  3. Valentina.

Martyrs of Motril

The Martyrs of Motril were also known as the Martyrs of Granada. They were four priests and a brother who were all members of the Augustinian Recollects. 

They were martyred together by being shot, on July 25 1936, in Motril, Granada, Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

On March 7 1999, they were beatified by Pope John Paul II

Their names are;

• Deogracias Palacios del Río
• José Rada Royo
• José Ricardo Díez Rodríguez
• Julián Benigno Moreno y Moreno
• León Inchausti Minteguía

Martyrs of Toledo

Martyrs of Toledo are four brothers and a priest who were all members of the Hospitallers of Saint John of God. On July 25 1936, in Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, Spain, they were all martyred during the Spanish Civil War.

On October 25 1992, they were beatified by Pope John Paul II

Their names are;

• Carlos Rubio álvarez
• Eloy Francisco Felipe Delgado Pastor
• Jerónimo Ochoa Urdangarín
• Primo Martínez De San Vicente Castillo

Martyrs of Urda

Martyrs of Urda are three members of the Passionists who were all martyred by being shot on July 25 1936, in Urdá, Toledo, Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

On October 1 1989, they were beatified by Pope John Paul II

Their names are;

• Benito Solana Ruiz
• Felix Ugalde Irurzun
• Pedro Largo Redondo

Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War

From 1934 to 1939, during the anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War, Thousands of people were murdered.

Some of their names are;

  • Antonio Varona Ortega
  • Vicente Fernández Castrillo
  • Santos LĂłpez Martinez
  • Ricard FarrĂ© Masip
  • Miquel Baixeras Berenguer
  • MariĂ  Binefa Alsinella
  • Marcelli Mur Blanch
  • Manuel Vázquez Alfalla
  • Manuel Torres Nicolau
  • Juan Crespo Calleja
  • Josep Reixach Reguer
  • Josep Más Pujolrás
  • Josep Bardolet Compte
  • JosĂ© Luis Palacio Muñiz
  • JosĂ© LĂłpez TascĂłn
  • Joan Mercer Soler
  • Joan Capdevila Costa
  • JesĂşs Juan Otero
  • JesĂşs Eduard Massanet Flaquer
  • Jaume Payás Fargas
  • Jaume Balcells Grau
  • Higinio Roldán Iriberri
  • Enric Morante Chic
  • Artur Tamarit Pinyol

Other Saints of the Day for July 25 2024

  1. Martyrs of Furci
  2. Peter de Avedano
  3. Peter Berno
  4. Macarius of Oujensk
  5. John Agnus of Tongeren-Maastricht
  6. Francis Aranha
  7. Eugenia of San Callisto
  8. Cyndeyrn ap Cyngar
  9. Colman of Uí Liatháin
  10. Boniface of Rome
  11. Anthony Francisco
Saints Whose Feast Day is July 25 - Catholic Saint of the Day
Saints Whose Feast Day is July 25 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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