Saint of the Day for June 11 2024

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Today is Sunday, July 21, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is June 11 2024.

👉 Saint Barnabas the Apostle

Saint Juan de Sahagún

Blessed Ignazio Maloyan

Saint Paula Frassinetti

Saint Aleydis of Schaerbeek

Blessed Helen of Poland

Saint Parisius

Saint Bardo of Mainz

Blessed Jean de Bracq

Blessed Kasper of Grimbergen

Saint Rembert of Hamburg

Saint Blitharius of Seganne

Saint Maximus of Naples

Saint Maximus of Naples was the bishop of Naples, Italy in 359 AD, but spent much of his service in exile for having defended the Nicene Creed against Arian rulers. He died a martyr in 361 AD and was canonized on June 13 1871 by Pope Pius IX (cultus confirmation.)

Saint Riagail of Bangor

Saint Riagail of Bangor also known as Ragallach, Regail or Reghuil was a ninth-century monk and then abbot of Bangor Abbey, County Down, Ireland. He led the house during a bleak period of recovery following a series of Viking raids. He died in 881 AD.

Blessed Hugh of Marchiennes

Blessed Hugh of Marchiennes, born Blessed Hugh of Marchiennes, was educated at Rheims, France. He became a benedictine monk at Saint Martin’s abbey, Tournai, Belgium, and abbot of the monastery at Marchiennes, France in 1148. He died 10 years later.

Saint Tochumra of Kilmore

Saint Tochumra of Kilmore also known as Kochumra of Tuam was a holy virgin venerated in Kilmore, Ireland. She is the patron for women in labour.

Saint Herebald of Bretagne

Saint Herebald of Bretagne also known as Herband or Hereband born in Britain was the eighth-century hermit in Brittany.

Saint Tochumra of Tuam

Saint Tochumra of Tuam has a church in the diocese of Killfenora, Ireland dedicated to him, but no details of his life have survived.

Martyrs of Tavira

Martyrs of Tavira comprises members of the Knights of Santiago de Castilla.

During the re-conquest of the Iberian peninsula from the Muslims by Christian forces, in a period of truce between the armies, the group was allowed to leave the Portuguese camp to hunt near Tavira, Portugal. They were ambushed and killed by a Muslim force.

Making a reprisal attack, the Portuguese army took the city of Tavira. The murdered knights were considered to be martyrs as they died in an action defending their faith.

They died in 1242 outside Tavira, Faro, Portugal and their relics are enshrined under the altar of Saint Barnabas in the Church of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels (modern Santa Maria do Castelo) in Tavria.

Their names were Blessed Pedro Rodrigues ,Blessed Mendus Valle ,Blessed Garcia Roiz ,Blessed Estêvão Vasques ,Blessed Damião Vaz ,Blessed Beltrão de Caia and Blessed Alvarus Garcia.

Mercedarian Martyrs of Damietta

Mercedarian Martyrs of Damietta were three Mercedarian lay knights who worked to ransom Christians enslaved by Muslims.

During the 7th Crusade, a plague swept through the Christian army and these knights volunteered to work with the sick.

During this work they were captured by Muslims and ordered to convert to Islam; they refused. They were tortured, and taken to Damietta, Egypt where they were murdered for their faith. They were thrown from a tower in the mid-13th century in Damietta, Egypt.

Other Saints of the Day for June 11 2024

  • Stephen Bandelli
  • Our Lady of Mantara
  • Maria Schininà Arezzo
  • Maria Rosa Molas i Vallvé
  • Agnes of Hungary
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 11 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 11 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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