Saint of the Day for June 20 2024

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Today is Sunday, April 7, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is June 20 2024.

Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg

Saint John of Pulsano

Blessed Margareta Ebner

Blessed Dermot O’Hurley

Blessed William Harcourt

Blessed John Gavan

Blessed Francisco Pacheco

Blessed John Fenwick

Blessed Margaret Ball

Blessed Michelina of Pesaro

Blessed Giovanni Battista Zola

Saint Methodius of Olympus

Blessed Anthony Turner

Blessed Thomas Whitbread

Blessed Ioannes Kisaku

Blessed Gaspar Sadamatsu

Blessed Paulus Shinsuke

Blessed Baltasar de Torres Arias

Saint Macarius of Petra

Blessed Petrus Rinsei

Saint Bagne of Terouanne

Blessed Vincentius Kaun

Saint Edburga of Caistor

Blessed Michaël Tozo

Saint Goban

Irish Martyrs

The Irish Martyrs is a collective title given to the 260 or more persons who are credited with dying for the faith in Ireland between 1537 and 1714.

Seventeen of them were beatified together on September 27 1992 by Pope John Paul II. Their names are Blessed Conn O’Rourke, Blessed Conor O’Devany, Blessed Dermot O’Hurley, Blessed Dominic Collins, Blessed Edward Cheevers, Blessed Francis Taylor, Blessed George Halley, Blessed John Kearney, Blessed Matthew Lambert, Blessed Maurice Eustace, Blessed Patrick Cavanagh, Blessed Patrick O’Healy, Blessed Patrick O’Loughran, Blessed Peter Higgins, Blessed Robert Meyler, Blessed Terrence Albert O’Brien and Blessed William Tirry.

Blessed Donough MacCready

Blessed Donough MacCready born Irish was a priest in the diocese of Down and Connor, Ireland. He is one of the Irish Martyrs.

He died in 1608 in Coleraine, Ireland, and was beatified on September 27 1992 by Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy.

Saint Gemma of Saintonge

Saint Gemma of Saintonge was a Christian daughter of a pagan noble who beat her to death when she refused an arranged marriage to a young pagan man. She died a martyr from injuries received from a beating while in prison in Saintoge, France.

Blessed Benignus of Breslau

Blessed Benignus of Breslau was a thirteenth-century Cistercian monk at Breslau, Silesia, Poland. He was martyred with many of his brother monks for protecting liturgical vessels from invading Tartars.

Saint Guibsech of Cluain-Bairenn

Saint Guibsech of Cluain-Bairenn founded a community of nuns in Cluain-Bairenn, Ireland. He is a patron of Cluain-Bairenn (Clonburren, Roscommon County), Ireland.

Saint Helen of Oehren

Saint Helen of Oehren also known as Elia, Eliada, Heliada or Helia was a benedictine nun and abbess of the convent of Oehren in Trier, Germany. She died in 750 AD of natural causes.

Saint Cyriacus of Lower Moesia

Saint Cyriacus of Lower Moesia was a martyr who died on the Black Sea at Lower Moesia now modern Bulgaria at an unknown date.

Saint Paul of Lower Moesia

Saint Paul of Lower Moesia was a martyr who died on the Black Sea at Lower Moesia, now modern Bulgaria on an unknown date.

Saint Novatus of Rome

Saint Novatus of Rome was the son of Pudens, imperial Roman senator and brother of Saint Praxedes and Saint Pudentiana. He died in 151 AD.

Saint Hector

Saint Hector also known as Ettore was martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian, possibly in Greece. No other information has survived.

Saint Cassán of Cluain-Ratha

Saint Cassán of Cluain-Ratha has no information that survived.

Other Saints of the Day for June 20 2024

  • Our Lady of Consolation
  • Meinrich of Lübeck
  • Martyrs of Salamis
  • Martin de Agreda
  • Lucano of Saben
  • Louis Matienzo
  • Latuinus of Seez
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 20 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 20 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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