Saint of the Day for June 26

Today is Friday, June 2, 2023

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day falls on June 26 every year.

👉 Saint Josemaria Escriva

Saint José María Robles Hurtado

Blessed Andrea Giacinto Longhin

Blessed Giuseppina Catanea

Saint Vigilius of Trent

Saint Anthelm of Belley

Blessed Khalil Al-Haddad

Blessed Andrii Ischak

Saint Pelagius of Oviedo

Blessed Mykola Konrad

Blessed Raymond Petiniaud de Jourgnac

Blessed Volodymyr Ivanovych Pryima

Saint David of Thessalonica

Saint Iosephus Ma Taishun

Saint John of Rome

Saint Paul of Rome

Saint Babolenus of Stavelot-Malmédy

Saint Hermogius of Tuy

Saint Maxentius of Poitou

Blessed Bartholomew de Vir

Saint Edburga of Gloucester

Blessed Sebastian de Burgherre

Saint Pezenne

Saint Terence of Rome

Saint Albinus of Rome

Saint Perseveranda of Poitiers

Saint Perseveranda of Poitiers also known as Pecinna or Pezaine was a holy virgin who, with her sisters Macrina and Columba, founded a convent in Poitiers, France. She died in 726 at Sainte-Pezaine, France while fleeing a thief.

Saint Salvius

Saint Salvius also known as Salvio was a bishop near Angouleme, France. He became a missionary at the Flemish in Valenciennes in modern France with Saint Superius. He was murdered by a greedy local noble who opposed the work in 768 at Valenciennes now modern France and died as a martyr.

Saint Barbolenus of Fosses

Saint Barbolenus of Fosses also known as Babolen was a monk at Luxeuil Abbey, Burgundy now modern France. He became abbot of Saint Peter’s Abbey later known as Saint Maur-des-FossĂ©s in northern France. He died in 677.

Saint Deodatus of Nola

Saint Deodatus of Nola was a deacon to Saint Paulinus of Nola. He became archpriest of Nola, Italy and later bishop of Nola. Ge died on 26th June 473 of natural causes and was buried in Nola, Italy. His relics were translated at Benevento, Italy in 839.

Saint John of the Goths

Saint John of the Goths became the bishop of the Goths in South Russia. He was a noted defender of religious images and opposing the iconoclasts. He was driven out by invading Khazars, and was never able to return. He died in 800 of natural causes.

Saint Superius

Saint Superius became a missionary to the Flemish in Valenciennes in modern France with Saint Salvius. He was murdered by a greedy local noble who opposed the work in n768 at Valenciennes in modern France and died as a martyr.

Saint Dionysius of Bulgaria

Saint Dionysius of Bulgaria was an archbishop from Bulgaria. He went for a mission to Russia and built a monastery in Novgorod. He died in 1180 in Kiev ,Russia of natural causes.

Saint Corbican

Saint Corbican born in Ireland was an eighth century hermit in Netherlands where he was known for his charity and endless help to the local people.

Saint Medico of Otricoli

Saint Medico of Otricoli also known as Medicus was a martyr.

Saint Acteie of Rome

Saint Acteie of Rome was a martyr who died in Rome ,Italy at an unknown date.

Saint Soadbair

Saint Soadbair also known as Soadbar was a bishop in Ireland.

Martyrs of Africa

Martyrs of Africa is a group of four Christians who were martyred together at an unknown date and location in Africa. Their names are Agapitus ,Emerita ,Felix and Gaudentius.

Martyrs of Alexandria

Martyrs of Alexandria is a group of three Christians who were martyred together in Alexandria ,Egypt. Their names are Agatho ,Diogenes and Luceja.

Martyrs of Cambrai

Martyrs of Cambrai is four Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul nuns at Arras, France who were imprisoned together in 1792 and executed together two years later in the anti-Catholic excesses of the French Revolution. The were guillotined 26th June 1794 at Cambrai, Nord, France and beatified on June 1920 by Pope Benedict XV. Their names are Thérèse-Madeleine Fantou ,Marie-Madeleine Fontaine ,Marie-Françoise Lanel and Jeanne Gerard.

Other Saints Celebrated Today

  • Rodolfo of Gubbio
  • Our Lady of Trompone
  • Our Lady of Longing
  • Mary Josephine of Jesus Crucified
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 26 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 26 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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