Saint of the Day for June 30 2024

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Today is Friday, June 14, 2024

This is the Saint of the Day list of Saints and Blesseds whose feast day is June 30 2024.

👉 First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church

Saint Donatus of Munstereifel

Blessed Raymond Lull

Blessed Gennaro Maria Sarnelli

Blessed Vasyl Vsevolod Velychkovskyi

Blessed Philip Powel

Saint Basilides of Alexandria

Saint Otto of Bamberg

Saint Vihn Son Do Yen

Blessed Zenon Kovalyk

Saint Adolphus of Osnabruck

Saint Theobald

Saint Lucina of the Callistus Catacombs

Saint Bertrand of Le Mans

Saint Martial of Limoges

Saint Peter the Farmer

Blessed Arnulf of Villers

Saint Raimundus Li Quanzhen

Saint Petrus Li Quanhui

Saint Lucina of Rome

Blessed Jacob Clou

Blessed Ambrose de Feis

Blessed Anthony de Tremoulières

Blessed Anthony de Tremoulières a mercedarian friar became the commander of the convent of Santa Maria in Tolosa, Spain.

He was the provincial of the Mercedarians in France and was chosen Master General of the Mercedarians on 6 November 1575.

He is known for his piety and as a miracle worker. He died in August 1577 in the convent of Toulouse, France of natural causes.

Saint Clotsindis of Marchiennes

Saint Clotsindis of Marchiennes also known as Clotsend or Clotsendis born in 625 AD was the daughter of Saint Adalbald of Ostrevant and Saint Richrudis of Marchiennes.

She became a benedictine nun at the Convent of Marchiennes under the spiritual direction of her mother. St Clotsindis later became the abbess of the house and died in 714 AD.

Saint Erentrude

Saint Erentrude also known as Erentrudis or Ermentrude was a relative of Saint Rupert of Salzburg who worked with her as a missionary.

She became a benedictine nun and first abbess at Nonnberg convent, Salzburg, a house founded by Rupert. She died in 718 AD of natural causes.

Saint Ostianus

Saint Ostianus also known as Ostian, Ostiane or Hostien was a sixth-century priest who evangelized the area of the dioceses of Viviers and Puy in France.

Later in life, he settled as a hermit near Viviers. His relics were transferred to the cathedral of Viviers, France on August 19 1880. He is the patron of Viviers, France.

Blessed Elisabeth Heimburg

Blessed Elisabeth Heimburg also known as Elisabeth Hainburg was a 13th-century Dominican nun in Diessenhofen am Rhein, Thurgau, Switzerland. She died in 1310.

Saint Austriclinian of Limoges

Saint Austriclinian of Limoges was a priest in the diocese of Limoges, France. He worked with Saint Martial of Limoges and died in 250 AD.

Saint Eurgain

Saint Eurgain was a sixth-century Welsh princess, the daughter of chieftain Caradog of Glamorgan, Wales. She founded the convent of Cor-Eurgain in Wales, a house later known as Llanwit.

Saint Alrick the Hermit

Saint Eurgain also known as Airick was an eleventh-century hermit in northern England. He was a friend of Saint Godric of Finchale.

Saint Alpinian of Limoges

Saint Alpinian of Limoges was a priest in the diocese of Limoges, France. He worked with Saint Martial of Limoges and died in 250 AD.

Saint Marcian of Pampeluna

Saint Marcian of Pampeluna was the bishop of Pamplona, Spain. He attended the sixth Council of Toledo in 737 AD and died in 757 AD.

Saint Emiliana of Rome

Saint Emiliana of Rome was a virgin and martyr. She was martyred in Rome, Italy at an unknown date.

Saint Gaius

Saint Gaius also known as Caius or Cursinus was a priest who died a martyr.

Saint Leo the Deacon

Saint Leo the Deacon was a sub-deacon who died as a martyr.

Martyrs of Africa

Martyrs of Africa is a group of seven Christians martyred together. They died at an unknown location and date in Africa. Their names are Zoticus, Zoilus, Timotheus, Leo, Italica, Gelatus, and Cursicus.

Other Saints of the Day for June 30 2024

  • Dominic of La Vid
  • Ernst of Prague
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 30 - Catholic Saint of the Day
List of Saints Whose Feast Day is June 30 2024 – Catholic Saint of the Day

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